Fishing Winthrop/Methow/Twisp Area early august

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm planning a trip to the Winthrop/Twisp area in mid august and had a few questions for you guys. Hopefully these questions aren't too repetitive, I did a bit of searching but had trouble finding results.

    First, I'd like to hire a guide and do a day of fishing a river or creek in the Winthrop/Twisp area. Can anyone suggest a guide? Seems like there's lots of options for guides out there. Also, where should I fish? Methow river? Twisp river? Some small creek? I usually tend towards the smaller, prettier stuff even if there's less fish.

    I'm also planning on doing some backpacking on the same trip. I'm heading to the horseshoe basin in the pasayten. Anyone know if there's fish in smith or loudon lakes? How about star lake, near fish creek pass in the chelan/sawtooth area?

    Thanks all for the info - I appreciate it.
  2. Check the regs the Chewach and upper Met how close mid August ,
    I think the Twisp river also, That leaves The Methow from Foghorn dam to Lower Burma road. I have heard a lot of good things abouts Griff's,
    Fly fishing. I have fished once in the Wilderness Hidden lakes, and Black lake, some success, did well Oval lakes up the Twisp River in the Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness.
    Good luck,
    Kelly Michelsen
  3. For a guide try a PM to leaflittlefox I've had friends use him with very good results. Can't help you with the high country as I haven't been there. Try Boulder Creek (easy access) or Robinson Creek (long hike to good water). That time of year is good for hoppers on the main stem Methow. If you have a pontoon try a float anywhere from Winthrop to Carlton. I have heard good reports from Hidden Lakes in the Paysayten, but need to pack a light weight boat in about 18 miles. Rick
  4. +1 for leaflittlefox.
  5. Call up Blaze Ruud. He's the head brewer at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, an awesome guy, and a great guide.
  6. +1 for Blaze. My wife and I had a great time with him couple of years ago.
  7. +1 for Griff's Fly Fishing. Rod works hard and will put you on fish.

    I would fish the Methow as it is a great time of year to fish it. It will be very wadable by then if you decided to skip a guide and do it on your own. The little creeks can be fun too but the lower elevation ones are already starting to get warm. Heck, on Saturday, the Methow itself was 68 degrees below Gold Creek.

    I backpacked into Horseshoe Basin many years ago and it was spectacular, though I don't remember good fishing. Rick mentioned Robinson Creek and I backpacked into it over Slate Peak many years ago and I do remember that the fishing was great.
  8. Never fished with Rod (Griff's Fly Fishing) but I knew him when he worked the Yakima years ago and have discussed fishing policies, practices, management, etc. many times since he moved to the Methow and if I were looking for a guide on the Methow, would hire him in a minute.
  9. There's a fly shop in Mt. Gardner Inn, which is owed by two young kids; I believe he guides, but am not certain.

    Evan, I didn't know Blaze guided! He sure makes good beer:D
  10. I have fished robinson creek before. Mostly little guys however I have seen a 22" taken out of the it as well.
  11. He most certainly does both of those things. Guiding is a side gig for him to get out of the brewery every so often. Now that he has his little brother handling a lot of the brewing duties, he can get out and guide a bit more if he gets called.
  12. Another good guide in the Methow is Kevin Van Bueren. His website is North Cascades Fly Fishing. He is quite entertaining in addition to knowing his stuff. (509) 846-4939. He and Blaze (mentioned above) partner together quite often.
  14. My dad, brothers, and I hiked into Horseshoe basin 10 or 15 years ago. Camped right at the top by a little stream in the meadow right at the top of the basin that might be the headwaters of Horseshoe creek, not more than a hop across most places, but amazingly found tiny trout willing to take a fly. The creek was so small it disappeared into the ground just a little ways down the hill from the camp. East a little ways through the meadows was another headwater (N Fork Toats Coulee?) that I remember dipping a fly into the small gap between overhanging berry plants. If you could get the fly to the water, you had a 6 to 8-inch cutthroat. To the west we hiked down until water returned to the creek we camped by, then my brother and I fished our way up a side stream (again, barely a stream) tumbling steeply down the mountainside, taking turns and catching a small fish in almost every little pool. It got smaller and smaller as we climbed up the mountain side, but we never stopped catching fish before it was time to head back to camp. It always amazes me the places you can find fish, if you aren't looking for any size, just the fun of finding them and fooling them with a fly.

    Also, my memory is a little fuzzy, we also may have accidentally wandered across the border, going to the top of Armstrong Mtn, then down the far side to a beautiful little lake that had 8 to 10" cutthroat on every cast with a fly rod from shore...

    It's a beautiful area up there, even with a lot of people at the trailhead, we felt mostly alone. Enjoy your trip.
  15. Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it.
  16. There's only one Methow River guide who knows the river, the fish and how to catch (and release) them and that's Rod Griffin. You can reach him at
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  17. does anyone ever know what happened to mazama troutfitters? I think his name was scooter or something when we took a guided trip some 12 years ago
  18. If you like small streams, Boulder Creek - as mentioned - is great. I also second Griff as a great guide. His fishing reports are great and he spends most of his days actually on the water. He really knows the Methow.

    The Fly Shop at Mt. Gardner Inn was also mentioned. This is a great place to stay. Greg and Alison Knab run the Inn and the Flyfishers Pro Shop. He also has a small fly shop in the Carlton General Store now. Greg doesn't really guide, instead he books guided trips with Globetrouters. I have fished with Brandon Pasley of Globetrouters and was very impressed. I would hire him again. He is a local guidewho grew up in the Valley. He knows the river really well and they also have access to some nearby private lakes which contain large Browns and a strain a Tiger trout.
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  19. Please be sure to pay attention to the regulations: Twisp River, Chewuch River and tributaries all are CLOSED after August 15th. Same story for Methow upstream of Winthrop. Lower Methow below Gold Creek is closed after September 15th. Kevin & Blaze are the best local guides, with knowledge of the waters and proper manners.

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