Fishing with flies, but not fly fishing

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  1. There have been several threads posted recently concerning thingamabobs and other flotsam and jetsam used by some fishers as their fly fishing technique. I have commented on all those threads that using a bobber is fishing with flies, but it is NOT fly fishing. My feeling is that if you use a nymph below a bobber you might as well get a hickory stick, a piece of string, an old cork and a worm. In fact, the only difference between having a nymph fly under a bobber and a worm is that the worm is cheaper.

    When I made my thoughts known on those threads I was severely chastised by some because I somehow dared to voice an opinion. Clearly, forum threads on bobbers will engender responses which the floater crowd does not like. I assume that those who fish using plastic phellems have an inferiority complex because they know that what they are doing is not fly fishing. You can give a 5 year old a bobber set up and tell him/her to pull up when the float goes down. If there is any fly fishing technique involved I don’t know what it is. The bobber boys attack the messenger, rather than seriously respond to the critique.

    One of the whiners suggested I start a thread on this subject (so as not to taint the purity of the bobber blubber?). So here it is:

    Is fishing with bobbers fly fishing or is it just fishing with flies?
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  2. According to the state of Washington, using a strike indicator is fly fishing but not using lead weights.
  3. It's still Fly Fishing, because in moving water, you mend that line, adjust the line, and fight the fish the same way, with a bobber or dry fly, by stripping in line, even in stillwater.
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  4. I think I may be one of the people who's hurt your delicate sensibilities.

    I don't really know if it's fly fishing, it's never been all that important for me to be able to define the way I fish so long as I'm a good steward of the resource and treat the other fisherman on the water with respect. I don't fish with indicators often because I don't enjoy it as much as other methods but other people do and they should be able to have a discussion about the various aspects of the technique. Most importantly, I have pretty decent reading comprehension so I know when I have a worthwhile contribution to a discussion or if I'm just being a dickhead. Sometimes I choose to be a dickhead (like now perhaps) anyway but I don't get bent if someone calls me on it.
  5. This is, from my perspective, sort of hilarious. My grandfather flyfished well over 100 years ago, and regarded using anything but a silk line, gut leaders, and split cane rods as an absolute abomination. He didn't live long enough to witness graphite, but thought fiberglass rods were effeminate wands wielded by imposters. I can't repeat what the old man said about the lazy SOB's that used the first coated flylines. Pretty much everyone in this forum would, by his standards, be heretics.

    Gear, and life, changes. At well over a half century of flyfishing/tying myself, I've come to appreciate, and embrace, that fact. Cry in your beer, but the rest of us are going fishing.
  6. If we did the "once again, half as long" lesson enough times we could isolate your issue. I'll just cut to the chase.

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  7. OK, Fly fisherman are always concerned with matching the hatch. On certain days,
    I do not know of a better way of matching the hatch (or pre-hatch) than using an indicator.
    I found those who don't like them cannot figure out the process (depth, color, and size)
    and usually sit and watch their hooks rust.
  8. is Tenkara fishing which is over five century's old a exceptable form of fly fishing ? Or will I be shunned for enjoying doing it !
  9. Is using a spinning rod, torpedo bobber with 4-6' ft of tippet material attached to a fly (in this case a Green Butt Skunk) swinging through a tailout still fly fishing for steelhead? It (the fly) is swung and can be waked.
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  10. mean dapping...that's ok...according to the Gods of FF! ;)
  11. it is as long as you reel with your left hand!
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  12. How many real bugs have you seen with a gold bead head. Or a bug with weight attached to help it get to the bottom. We all cheat. It's just the nature of fly fishing.

    If you are using a heavy weighted nymph, you need something on the surface to keep your line from sinking. Hench a Thingamabobber. It just works good.
  13. Is placing bolts on the lead considered the purest form of climbing? Does that make rappel bolting/pre inspecting/cleaning/ rehearsing/yo-yo'ing less acceptable although the end result is a route for all to enjoy?
    It is all the same thing in the end as long as you were enjoying yourself. John Bachar and Alan Watts both enjoyed their versions and the outcomes were just as quality.
    Only one or two other people on this board will even understand what I just said but does that make me any less of a fly fisher? [​IMG]
  14. Would you consider The Treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle to be about fly fishing? There is a chapter on how to make cork floats...Also sinkers. Most of the material used in flies wouldn't float, or a least not for long.
    If that book is one on the origins of fly fishing, but it isn't, according to you're opinion, then we must be doing something else. :confused: That book was first published in 1496 BTW.
  15. Attach a hook near the bobber and you have one of the new synthetic body flies. I use strike indicators occasionaly and often use flies as strike indicators ie. hopper and dropper.
    This discussion also begs the issue of "Chech nymphing". If you use a 20' mono tippit with a fly line that never leaves the reel, is this really flyfishing?
  16. i remember well the free soloing fanatics, as well as Alan Watts. I think what you're saying is that there are all sorts of ways to enjoy a sport, without deciding who are 'the true believers'.
  17. Is nymph fishing permitted by law on fly fishing only waters? Answer this and you have the only opinion that truely matters on the topic.

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  18. It was a funny transition as I have been an active rock climber for the last 30 years. I made sort of an abrupt shift and became an instant fly fishing newbie a year and a half ago and I have not regretted it one iota!
    What turned me off of climbing were all the "rules" and hubris of "my style is better than yours...blah blah blah".
    My view is if you just respect the resource and be honest with yourself and others you will be fine and have more fun than the quibblers.
    Times change and I believe open minds are more fun to be around :)
  19. I gotta say, however, that nothing I've experienced in over five decades as a flyfisher came even close to the sheer pants-shitting terror I occasionally experienced as a young climber.
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  20. I've never read the unwritten rules of flyfishing book. Where can I get one?

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