Fishing with flies, but not fly fishing

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  1. i'm afraid to google what this means.
  2. Your average larper:
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  3. LARPers (Live Action Role Playing) are the guys who actually live like they're in fantasy worlds. They dress up as elves, act the part, have massive scale battles complete with duct-tape cardboard swords and effeminate men in robes yelling "fireball" then arguing over whether or not they hit you. They argue over the definition and boundaries of their imaginary borders and kingdoms, they squabble over every rule to bring definition to their imagined lives.

    Trust me, us pen and paper guys are waaaaaaay cooler. Really. Honestly.

  4. Pure awesomeness! Great video.
  5. The nest explanation of LARPing comes from the movie Role Models.
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  6. [​IMG]

    LARPers. Also, what I imagine it looks like when you show up to the Henry's Fork with a bobber rod.
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  7. That's good for all day entertainment,Please post more of this!,
  9. To make GREAT popcorn without butter-put diced raw bacon in a kettle with your popcorn so the bacon cooks as the corn pops. Bacon flavored popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm vain enough to think that this is the only worthwhile post on this thread.
  10. you just may be right...that's actually a damn good idea.
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  11. But its not "Real" Popcorn...

    you see, us Popcorn purists use hot air (you know, kinda like what is being typed on this thread), and melt the butter on the little "heater thingy" on the top...

    the rest is what the lower class popcorn eaters do....

    Its good to be back here.... some of these commenters need a serious mouth spanking.
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  12. I once found a bead, indicator and some dumbbell eyes in my popcorn.......
  13. Might of been this years "Spey Pride March" on the hoh :)
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  14. Wrong. Hot air popping is not traditional. Only contemporary purists poppers use hot air.
    Where's the Zen in that?
  15. I have an antique popcorn popper that's been handed down through the years. .a little oil or butter in bottom, put on stove, and turn the spinner on top of the pan. The only way to do it (did i mention my family specializes in growing actual popcorn?) How they always have cooked it.
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  16. Cool. You should post a pic of that, like to see it.
  17. 0419141043.jpg

    This is the old popcorn popper..

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