Fishing with flies, but not fly fishing

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  1. shockingly, those still work...

    Always have a couple of Alexandras in my of my favorite trout wets (oddly, works for steelhead too 'cause steelhead are dumb).
  2. I have less an issue with someone wanting to discuss symantics as I do when they take a very holier-than-thou, "may way is gospel and everyone else is inferior" type approach.
  3. I have a problem when the holier-than-thou crowd can force a change in regulations for a flyfishing only river that requires you use their favorite technique for fishing and all other flyfishing techniques are illegal to use.

    There is such a flyfishing only steelhead river in Oregon.
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  4. Some of our moving waters I would like to see upstream dry only, not because I think that is the real fly fishing but to leave some room to fish.
  5. was it the holier-than-thou anglers or the nymphers not rotating through runs (lack of etiquette) that caused the rule change?

    chicken or egg?

    honestly, the two places that i can think of with staging summer fish below a trib have had rule changes due to nymphers. the umpqua and the closing of the deer creek pool on the stilly in the 90's. maybe it is the holier-than-thou elitists.... but maybe nymphers need to take a look in the mirror at how their actions cause these issues. and you can still nymph the n. umpqua just not with weighted flies or indicators.
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  6. I have zero problem with the regs on the N Umpqua because of certain areas where the fish kegged up (really kegged up) and the actions of a few (who knows, it could be a bit more than just a "few") unethical fishermen affected the majority. The idea that you can just sit there a bounce flies off the noses of several hundred fish until they catch a dozen (or three) of those fish just doesn't seem right. I nymph the majority of the time and can't think of any situation where I'd feel good about fact I'll go so far as to just work water faster than the majority of the people I see nymphing or swinging, whether nymphing for steelhead, trout or whatever. I like to move.
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  7. Also, if they're going to even bother having a "flywater" section, they should enforce it. I'm sure plenty of you have been to the Kalama....what the majority of the snaggers there call "flyfishing" is downright laughable. Like I said, I love to nymph, but what lobbing one of those pencil weights (or whatever the hell they're called) and proceeding to do the snagger "hook set" every several seconds is not only laughable, but unethical.

    I think one of the only issues I have with "fly fishing only" water are places such as the Metolius where excludes a guy throwing another type of artificial. perhaps there should be more "artificials only, single barbless hook" type water so that a guy throwing a spinner won't feel excluded yet does just as little harm to the fish as a typical fly guy would.
  8. BAN the two-hander; the sink tip; the sink line; the beads; the dumbbell eyes; the lead; the wire...

    Hooks no larger than 1/0, floating line, fur, feathers, and silk/thread are all that is needed to "fly fish proper".

    CLOSE the Steamboat area Camp Waters to all fishing.

    Viva La Velveeta!!

  9. While at it close all roads along water ways and make everyone walk at least 5 miles into their fishing destination. Cars give people an unfair advantage and they seriously affect the fisheries.
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  10. ...and Ban all internet...TMI out there ;)
  11. Absolutely !!!!!
  12. I'm generally on your side with the whole "nymphers rights" movement but I don't see the harm in areas where the regulations are such that indicator nymphing is restricted, especially since they are a very, very small percentage of the waters.
  13. I am unfamiliar with such waters. What would be the upside of regulating nymph fishing? Too many fish caught...?
  14. I assume less fish are caught but even if the only upside is that some sort of sense of tradition is maintained on the particular stretch then I don't see why that's a big deal as long it's the exception and not the rule. I know of 3 pieces of water in oregon that have these kinds of regs in effect and they're very limited.
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  15. Not to beat a drum, but wet flys indicator or not, are tradition. Dry fly fishing is contemporary.
  16. yes, exactly......other methods have been outlawed because they're too effective also. T.N.T., bait, fishing from a boat, electroshocking, snagging. all were legal everywhere at some point in time. as our population is exploding, and fishing pressure insreases, and wild fish numbers decline, we will need more and mre of these kind of regs, so there are enough opportunities for more people.
  17. Fixed it for you. I'm not opposed to regulations, at all but regulations for some sense of tradition, makes no logical sense. They just need to make sense, that's all. If they really want the fish to be left alone altogether, then shut the river down altogether. But for all that, you won't find me on those types of water for steelhead, I like to fish where you actually have a chance at catching a fish.
  18. No worries. I'm not one to worry about tradition vs contemporary. I suppose it was just my way of saying that even if the reg is only for the enjoyment of a particular style of fishing that's fine as long as it's the exception and not the rule. There's nothing prohibiting a person who's only ever plunked bait from picking up a new style and partaking in the fishery. Just like there's nothing stopping me from picking up a bait caster and heading down to the hatchery hole on my local river.

    I suppose there's also nothing prohibiting me from taking my spey rod down to the hatchery hole except my basic respect for my fellow anglers regardless of how they choose to fish.
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  19. You're on the path to "pay to play". Like areas of Europe. The methods you post as outlawed, have more to do with mortality, than effectiveness.
  20. Are you saying that the argument of "if I can't fish how I want then no one can fish" makes more sense than "everyone can fish according to these guidelines."?

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