Fishing with flies, but not fly fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by kmudgn, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. I'm still looking for a section of "HARDWARE ONLY" water I can feel special on.

    Problem is, I'd probably run into a spinner fisherman and that's not even close to a technique I find acceptable.
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  2. It would be way cooler if you would use a balsa or cork float, that plastic and styrifoam stuff has no cool factor and while your at it drive a volvo wagon!
  3. Even the gear guys like to hate on the jig-n-bobber crowd.
  4. Xmas came early for me boys


  5. have you ever thought that you may have a bobber hoarding issue ?
  6. Those are floats. ;)
  7. Those are slip indicators for Chronie fishing :)
  8. I know a couple of fishermen that have bags like that. I favor the green ones.
  9. What are you taking about those are red and white hoppers for my hopper dropper fishing. I'm a purist. Don't you bring up that bobber talk in here again.
  10. The interesting thing about this thread is that so many cross-dressers have posted in it. Drag queens.
  11. As long as the shoes don't clash with the skirt , I'm okay with cross dressers it take a hole bunch of idiots to make a village!
  12. Been watching this thread for sometime. I met an old timer who would only fish with bamboo rods, silk line and flies tied with natural material and silk thread and only dry flies and only cast to a rising fish and no searching.
    I use use modern materials in my flies and rods. I use nymphs and wet flies and occasionally a strike indicator, if the law says its fly fishing I say its fly fishing. Make your own rules that are allowed by the law and if you believe you are fly fishing then you are fly fishing. Or, you can become a snob and believe you are the only person in the whole world who really knows what it means to be fly fishing. And, if you are that egotistical you probably won't have many friends so you'll do most of your fly fishing alone. :D

  13. A friend of mine tied flies for an older gentleman who would only fish flies tied with silk thread, silk doesn't have any elasticity to it and flies fall apart easy. He used silk fly line, hard to maintain and it rots easy. He would only fish dry flies and would only cast to sighted fish. So I guess you can limit yourself to what you believe is fly fishing. Just don't criticize others.
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  14. I heard they decided to change the name of the North Fork of the Umpqua River to the Amish Fork of the Umpqua River.

    Just kidding. Just kidding. :):)
  15. Oh, it's ok to criticize others' beliefs about what constitutes 'flyfishing'. Just don't expect them to give a shit! ;)
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  16. Guys can be as archaic and elitist as they want when it comes to flyfishing. I don't care. Just as long they don't force a change in the regulations that require the rest of use to use their archaic preference for flyfishing only fisheries.

    They have one such fishery in Oregon. That's okay. One is enough. You guys in Washington better watch your butts! The Amish Mafia is out there! :D
  17. Do you strictly nymph for steelhead?

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