Fishing with flies, but not fly fishing

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  1. I'm considering self banning myself....;)
  2. What about those folks who are mute? What about typing?

    These threads are fun because they end up proving very, very few fly anglers today are the elitist anglers that some folks believe us to be.

    The only use a dry fly, cast it upstream and wear a tweed suit approach to fly angling is long gone for normal folks. But there are some fanatical hold-outs :D

    Each to their own.
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  4. A perceived etiquette or manners issue, not necessarily an actual etiquette or manners issue. And this is where the anti-indicator folks become so sensitive. Funny that you say the indicator guys are sensitive, but it seems to me that the anti-indicator folks are the ones who tend to always start these dang things.
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  5. Ok, enough! I thought I was doing the right thing by shutting down this thread as I saw it was going off the rails due to the ad holmium attacks against me. However, since the mob mentality has taken over and posters have come out from under rocks I will respond to some of the foolishness.

    1. How dare I comment about fly fishing in WA when I live in NH? Great thought there! I realize it’s an odd concept, but fishing is pretty much fishing wherever you throw a fly. The fiy gets wet and one tries to catch a fish. It’s the same in WA, NH, or NZ. This is a basic concept, but it appears that it needs pointing out.

    2. How dare I comment on WA fishing board when I live in NH? Well here are the facts. This is an OPEN board which means, in very simple terms, that it is OPEN to all. In fact, I came to this board a few years ago when I was going to be in Seattle and wanted info on guides for the Yak. Based on the assistance I got here I hired a guide for a few days (expensive, but worth it for a short trip to new locations). I had 2 good days of fishing: Mostly dries (skwalas), but I did swing some streamers and a few woolies.

    3. How dare I comment about fishing techniques I have never tried? As a matter of fact, I have been fly fishing for over 50 years. I have tried most every type of fishing technique (including bobbers) and gear that has come along during my lifetime. I have also fished all over the world from South Island to the Dan River in Poland. I feel that I am at least reasonably competent in the sport and have the bona fides to state that bobber fishing is not fly fishing.
    4. How dare I quote a US Supreme Court Justice The quote I gave from Justice Stewart is directly applicable to this thread. If you don’t understand the metaphor I will point it out to you: Some things are so evident that you don’t need a definition to understand. Then again, given the intelligence level I have experienced here, maybe I should try to find a crayon font

    5. How dare I denigrate a fishing technique that can be used by the disabled? First of all, I never, ever said anything like that! As a matter of fact, one of my late relatives (and the one who taught me to fly fish) became partially disabled due to a stroke in late life. I made it my business to take him fishing and find him one of those self-retrieve reels so he could fish. When his eyesight started to fail I found the biggest, most iridescent day glow bobber I could get so that he could keep fishing which he did to within a month of his death

    6. It is clear to me that I have exposed some raw nerve here about bobbers. The attacks on me are being made because the bobber users understand that their preferred method of fishing is facile and requires no skill. In fact, you could go back to spin fishing and find no difference. Please don’t whine at me about the “conditions” which require you to need a bobber. What hogwash! Yes it is harder to fish without the bobber and yes you will lose flies as they bounce on the bottom and get snagged, but you will earn your fish. As my great uncle said: “If you are not losing nymphs you are not doing it right”

    7. Counting coup (probably another thing I have to explain) as a measure of your fishing prowess is a false goal. It matters not how many fish you catch, (yes you will “outfish” me with your bobber) but what matters is personal pride, which it appears that few have. Note Counting coup was a method of war used by Native Americans whereby they would tap (coup is French word for hit) their enemies thereby showing they were very manly in getting close, yet did not kill their adversary. It’s similar to catch and release, but that is another subject that probably would be much debated here.

    8. You can fish any way you want. I don’t care, nor did I ever state that I cared how you fish. I simply gave my opinion that what you are doing is not fly fishing and you should not hurt your casting arms by reaching around to pat yourselves on the back when you have that 50 fish day.

    9. I am still here in NH awaiting the season to open, the ice to melt, and the spring run off to slow. You can find me on the river. I am the one with the cane pole!

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  6. A legitimate question for the "not a fan of indicators" crowd. Is it all indicator fishing or is it just the "sidedrifting" beads scene that you dislike? I've never done the sidedrifting thing (it looks boring as shit so I can't imagine I'll ever partake in that rodeo) but I have indicator fished from the bank (trout and steelhead) and it can be down right challenging depending on the water. I'd practically given up on indy nymphing until someone who was good at it show'd me a thing or two.
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  7. CliffsNotes


  8. You'll go blind!
  9. tl;dr?
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  10. JVDB for the win!. Wish I could like this many more times than once.
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  11. I hope you told that fly fishing guide that fishing streamers and swinging flies is NOT FLY FISHING since this doesn't require the use of a cane rod, silk line and upturned eye dry fly!!! I hope you reinforced that anyone can swing a fly and wolly bugger on a spinning rod and achieve the same results. Do me a favor and kick him in the nuts next time for imparting such fly fishing blasphemy!
  12. Nothing like a tweed smack in the face to remind someone about the purity of the sport.
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  14. Good Lord, you posted again? And you think you're more intelligent than most? That's really funny. Only complete idiots or trolls create controversial threads with titles in all caps, and then proceed to spout a bunch of nonsense. You are clearly a troll, and very likely at least somewhat of an idiot too.

    Man, you're about as stupid as a post, for posting again. A smarter person would have known when to shut the hell up. Hope I never see your elitist ass on a piece of water. Why don't you find some other board to sling your crap that you call an opinion.
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  15. Hey, by the way, since your only activity on this board has been on the thread about thingamabobbers, and now this piece of crap that you started, I just thought it might be appropriate to ask: how does it feel to be a TROLL?

    You are worse than pond scum. I mean, I'd clean that shit off my hook, but if you were on there, f it, I'd just cut the mess, make sure you were on the dry bank not fouling my waters, and re-tie.
  16. I used to only fish dries. For at least a decade I used to look down on indicators, labeling them as easy. Honestly, in my opinion, it's easier to fish a dryfly in most scenarios. You can see exactly what your fly is doing at all times. When I started using indicators, I was surprised how hard it is to get a drag free drift. More mending is required to accommodate micro-currents. It is tricky as hell someplace like Rufus Woods, where to reach the fish wading requires a long cast to reach the current seam, but the current between you and it is going the opposite direction as the current you're casting to.
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  17. Trip, I haven't had the pleasure of fishing with you (yet) but I know good and well you sure the hell know how to fish. Don't bother pleasuring this TROLL any further. He can go F himself as far as I'm concerned.
  18. So you mean after all these years I actually haven't been fly fishing??
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  19. my only question is this... Why are people so desperate to be known as fly fishermen as opposed to just being known as fishermen????
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  20. Only people who don't get it ask this kind of question. It isn't that I think any of us care, it is the way you elitists go about degrading the way we fish. If we aren't supposed to care, why the hell bring it up in the first place? If it doesn't matter as you are trying to infer with your question, then why say that it isn't fly fishing in the first place? When you answer those questions, you'll have your answer. I guess with this logic we could call you whatever we wanted to and it wouldn't bother you one bit. I know that I'm a fly fisherman even when I use an indicator, I don't need you to pretend to define it for me.
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