Fishing with flies, but not fly fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by kmudgn, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. The real question is why do you care?
  2. I don't really just curious
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  3. I dunno but.....

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  4. What I find interesting about this thread is that so many have such strong opinions about the New Hampshirite's opinion. It hadn't occurred to me to care. But at least now I'm adding to my post count.

  5. I don't care if I'm flyfishing or not, when we go out we just call it "fishing". That could be skating dries, fishing greaseline wets, swinging tips, or drifting glo bugs. I usually just fish steelhead but if I'm dragging gear around for salmon or drowning powerbait for pellet trout I still call it "fishing". I also don't care how anyone else does it, as long as they adhere to the law and are respectful of those around them.

    The interesting part for me is when does it become "flyfishing"? I don't care, but it seems like a lot of people do. Can I use a bobber to drift a Lady Caroline? Or if I tightline drift a globug without an indicator do I get a pass?

    Maybe it would be easier for everyone if they just did what made them happy and quit worrying about what other people think.

    Oh wait, that's been said a million different times on hundreds of threads on this board. I guess it's futile. Never mind.
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  6. So let me get this straight... your position is that YOU should be allowed to put a label on what OTHER people do, and if they don't do anything but just accept that label then they are being sensitive and way too caught up in labels that don't mater.
    Well by that logic I conclude that anyone with a Bachelors degree will now be known as a "high school dropout". I hope they just accept that definition and don't get too caught up in labels and such.

    Whether you like it or not, Ira and I had indicators on our line on Sunday and we were FLY FISHING. We also quite quite a few trout. I would welcome you to come on up this weekend with your box of dry flies and see how you compare.... But, its way easier to make broad generlizations on the internet and never back them up.

  7. Dropout right here! But I'll give you the flyfishing with bobbers:)
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  8. so it's a numbers game then???? you made note that you caught quite a few fish and that they couldn't be caught on dries in as large of numbers.. so you nymph for numbers? at least that's what you said.
  9. The OP jumped ship. Too much of a pussy to open his trap again. Or is he?

  10. Jeesh Rob, give it a rest. Who f-ing cares? I think the point was that chances are you wouldn't catch shit on a stillwater this time of year with your dries, unless there happens to be a midge hatch coming off and the fish are actually looking up. Don't be a tard, man, trout feed under the surface most of the time.

  11. I rarely fish stillwaters but when I do I prefer callibaetis.

  12. Then you must only fish a hatch for an hour or two in the Spring or Fall and go home. Pity.

    Given that you have such an affinity, I suppose your box is well outfitted with the two variations, Callibaetis ferruginous hageni, and Callibaetis fluctuans, and you know the difference and fish the appropriate pattern given the waters?
  13. No unicorn in it's right mine uses a bobber. They only use dry flies to catch rainbows.
    Occasionally they'll break out the tweed before galloping down to the river.
    Imagine what kind of brain lock a dry fly aficionado might go into if he ran into someone with a sticker on their stripping basket and while fishing with a jig.....I meant clouser.
  14. no shame in saying it, most people nymph to put up the numbers. even when the dry fly bite is way on, we still see most people nymphing. not leaving that comfort zone. we all fish for different reasons.
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  15. And Stonefish lays down the....

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  16. F that hydro, nymphing deep can put you on the fish that don't give a shit about the insects hatching a-way-up-there. Your statement is a complete misconception and a terrible generalization.
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  17. Fishing by trolling or casting with only fly rod, fly reel and fly line combination with an artificial fly or cast of artificial flies attached, and does not include the use of spinning, spincasting and casting rods and reels and lead core line. Answer: What is Fly Fishing as defined by law in the State of New Hampshire Alex....


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  18. in theory yes, less mystery, but more casting dependent. in nymph fishing, casting is a means to an end. with the dry fly, the cast is the end. most people dont see what the fly is doing when the cast doesnt put it where they're looking. especially with the little stuff that brings fish up for extended periods, and through a much longer season. how many are using the reach and curve cast neccessary to mend the line and get the drift when they can find their fly anyway.
    the cast, man, it all comes back to casting. and who has time to bother with getting proficient at that anymore ?

  19. Are you not the one stating that you could catch just as many fish using dry flies? I believe you are.
  20. My bad, apparently I was confused with another thread. But you recently stated that you could catch just as many fish with dry flies, whether it was this thread or not is irrelevant.

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