Fishing with flies, but not fly fishing

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  1. You've got to be f'ing kidding me.

    Don't generalize "most people," for starters. Just because one is nymphing doesn't mean they don't have a damn good idea of where their fly is (unless they suck at it).

    And, the notion that "little stuff... bring fish up for extended periods, and through a much longer season" is just a clear declaration of ignorance. I use this term not in a deprecating fashion, but in it's actual meaning, "to ignore." Innocence can be described as doing or thinking something because one doesn't know better, the information simply isn't available, but ignorance is doing or thinking something despite the fact that the information is freely available to them.

    The notion that "little stuff that brings fish up for extended periods, and through a much longer season" is ignorant. Sorry, man.
  2. this has to be one of the dumbest things I've read on here.

    the casting is a means to an end regardless of whether or not you're fishing dries, nymphs, streamers, jig...I mean intruder or whatever. I'm guessing this person is the guy who false casts thirty times before laying down that size 18 BWO where a single backcast would have done quite nicely...oh, am I generalizing too much? sorry 'bout that...
  4. Your post was rather hard to read given that you had everything in the quote, but despite that I slogged through it.

    Pffffft. When the fish switch from male to female tricos, or when you can't get a bite because you're fishing the wrong calli variation, don't whine to me. My fly box is closed to you, pal.
  5. how would you feel if i also told you the earth was round ? how much do you mend when throwing that size 22 trico ? you mend it before it touches down, or you sink it and drag it. there'se no thingamabooberyou can watch when you cant see yor dry fly.
  6. For the record what is the official verdict on tossing intruders using a short skagit line & a sage speyrod(9140 old Brownie)with a 4 inch hardy Bougle mark IV reel is that flyfishing ?
  7. so in your universe, you are fishing the male trico's before the female duns ? i guess you get up really early. or you mean the night before?
  8. You obviously don't know crap about a trico spinnerfall. While generally the males might fly off in the brush after mating, that's not always so. The males fall first (yeah, their black underneath). The females oviposit while this initial spinnerfall is happening. They fall after the males. Selective fish then switch to the females. They are dark on top, but cream colored underneath. If in that situation you don't change flies you'll stop getting rises to your fly as you carefully time your casts, everything seems perfect, but your male fly is not.

    My profile pic is a #22 trico female. Perhaps that will help next time. The fish of course see only the bottom. So, cream/yellow when the females fall.

    Guess we learn something new every day, huh? You're welcome.

    Oh, and just that you mentioned duns... huh??? They fly off in the brush... Trico duns??? Again, you must be kidding...

  9. depends...500gr is the cutoff (yet another arbitrary rule for you "purists"). If you need more than 500gr to turn over all that junk, no it's not. otherwise, sure, why not? what about a skater that's 90% foam? I've seen indi...err uh bobbers that contain a lower percentage of foam.

    meant purely tongue in cheek, btw...
  10. Now we go full circle:) The trico spinnerfall is the toughest hatch I fish. It always amazes me how big of fish take notice though. I'm talking fish that spend most of their energy on any fish smaller than them.
  11. Since I cant tell the difference between a male or female trico, identify pteronarcys,, the hecubas , their mating patterns, or even pronounce them, Im going back to bouncing eggs and corkies off the bottom
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  12. Speaking of bobbers, one of the Euro companies is developing a bobber with a wifi-enabled video camera and accompanying mobile app.

    I don't really mind the anti-bobber crowd. They are to fly-fishing what LARPers are to role-playing. I may play dungeons and dragons, but at least I'm not that gay.
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  13. I think the horse is dead. It won't get up no matter how long you beat it.

    Whack. ....whack... whack... Nope. Still dead.
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  14. I like beating things off.

    Wait, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Fuck.
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  15. How come nobody got any popcorn out on this thread. 7 pages of pure BULLSHIT.
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  16. good point ! I'd make some popcorn , But I'm out of butter.
  17. I had leftover kettlecorn going from the last M's game I went to. Does that count as popcorn or does that take no tasting skill?
  18. Since Intruders use lead dumbbell eyes in their construction, no, that is not fly fishing. And you probably think a Sage 9140 brownie is old skool; it ain't. A 13' split cane Hardy or Leonard, now that's old skool.

    If I haz red enuff threds like this, can I haz lernt enuff to fish good at dirty azz nymphing?

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  19. Sometimes, an indicator and a tandem rig is needed.
  20. Bullshit is entertaining. Kind of like this:


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