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  1. This is a little fishing related in that the motorhome and toad get us to rivers and lakes. We've been looking at options for replacing our current 1998 Explorer and, after much looking, will most likely end up just getting a newer, used one as it fits our needs best. Everything I've read on the RV forums suggests most of the automatic 4WD, V6 models can be made flat tow (4 wheels rolling) safe by adding a "Neutral Tow switch" and having a technician re-program the chip to allow flat tow option.

    Does anyone on the forum currently flat tow a dinghy and specifically an Explorer?

  2. I flat tow a 98 Jeep Cherokee.
    In the same boat as you. I looked into replacing it, but nothing else could do what it does. Decided it was more cost effective to pay the higher maintenance bills then get something else.
  3. Luckily when we had to make the decision, our "spare" vehicle is a standard transmission.
  4. I just put the transmission in park and the transfer case in neutral. The transfer case in neutral disengages both drive lines, so the transmission doesn't spin. Works great.

    I do hate hooking up that brake buddy thing. It takes a good five minutes to get it set up. Works good though.
  5. We looked at the Jeep Liberty and it seemed like a nice fit between the Explorer and the Escape (which we have concluded is just too small). Flat towable w/o any fuss. But after looking at the reviews on them over their model years, I'm a little hesitant to consider them...3.7L underpowered, not that much lighter than the Explorer, and worst mpg for that class. Anyone own the Liberty that can turn me around on this?

    Jeff -- is your Cherokee a standard transmission?

    And, where the heck is Ive... our forums car specialist. :)
  6. Post deleted due to senior moment and misreading the question.
  7. GAT he is towing the Explorer with a motorhome NOT using the Exploder to tow a boat.
  8. Oh.... nevermind.
  9. Automatic .

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