Flies for Salmon?

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  1. Can anyone recommend flies for Coho and pink salmon?
  2. clousers and similar bait fish in a variety of colors, chartruese over white or pink is probably the most popular.
    As the season progresses and the fish get closer to their spawning grounds go small and sparse bright color flies. Something like five twirls of dubbing and a wrap or two of hackle should do just as good as any other fly for staging coho. When they are staging be prepared for a lot of casting and stripping with fish all around you not biting.
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    Something like the top fly for pre-staging or within 1/2 mile of salt coho, and the bottom for pinks. Fish the pink fly so it it drops. The pink takes are often when the pace of the sink suddenly starts accelerating. The coho, well you can't really mistake it for much. Frankly though the most fun I have had with tying is messing around every year for something a little different. Les Johnson's books can give you plenty of ideas. Something like the top fella in these pics works well for searuns and tidal bulls, particularly if the hackle collar is fat and sculpanoid...
  4. Thanks guys.:)
  5. Jim, do a search for sand lance and chum fry patterns. They are great for SRC's but also for coho. Also, try some Clouser Minnows tied very sparse. Les' book has some great pattern ideas and a lot of other inportant information that is well worth reading. Another very good book with many pattern suggestions is Richard Stoll's latest addition, Fly-Fishing Inshore Saltwaters for Pacific Salmon. I got my copy from Amazon as soon as it came out last year. It has a chapter on patterns that explains a lot about choosing color, profile, vibtation, etc. that I found very helpful when sitting down at the bench.
  6. Thanks Steve.
  7. Egg sucking leeches (ESL's) seem to work very well for Coho.
  8. Clousers, Deceivers, Flatwings for Coho. When they are staging all bets are off:)I often go to a Blue Fox spinner (orange) or a cut plug herring.:)
    Something pink for the pinks.
  9. Thanks everyone.
  10. wyofly,
    Don't overthink fly selection. Until mid September rolls around the fish are pretty aggressive, aren't leader shy and will eat what you stick in their face.
    You can't ever go wrong with either chartreuse or pink as your primary colors.
    Have fun,
  11. This August will be my first time fishing for Pinks and I want to be ready.
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  12. Chartreuse or pink can be your only colors too. Mine were simple.
  13. My recently tied fly selection for Puget Sound salmon. I have not removed the barbs as yet nor have I cut off the primary hook on the MP. I think that I’m on the right track, what say ye?
  14. Good start.
    Tie more patterns like the one on the lower right. That will work for both non staging salmon and searun cutts.
    Tie some with some stingers as well and cut the front hook off.
  15. pink flatwings

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