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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Chucker, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Chucker

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    Can anyone give me some suggestions for flies that work for silvers? I'm fishing area 10 out of Seattle, from a boat so we are hitting tide rips and bait balls rather than the beaches. Nothing wants to touch a chartreuse clouser, and pink just catches pinks!

  2. Jonathan Tachell

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    Chartreuse and white clousers usually do the trick. You just have to stick with it and fish a whole tide and see what happens. Silvers are not as easy to catch on the fly in Puget sound as pinks obviously. Try fishing closer to shore where some good rips form. A lot of south sound Coho will follow the shoreline with some out deeper in the shipping lanes. Also once the sun is on the water dont be afraid to put a full sink on and fish the deeper rips a ways down. We regularly catch mature Coho in the south sound on gear from 60 to 120 feet down, so sometimes you have to get down a little more than 5 to 10 feet. Also try a chartreuse and glow clouser especially during low light.
  3. Nick Clayton

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    I'm a big believer that finding feeding fish is way more important than the fly, however pink/white has been my go to the last few weeks. There was a definite switch for me from other colors to pink/white for unkown reasons. Haven't had any problem with pinks, but they don't seem to come through my side of the sound in the numbers that other places see.
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  4. Nick Clayton

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  5. Stonefish

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    The last dozen or so coho I've hooked up have all been on the same chartreuse over hot pink stinger clouser. I've changed the hook on it a couple times but it is getting a bit tattered. I'll retire it when it stops getting bit.
    As far as colors for coho go, you'd be hard pressed to find something that works better then coho patterns with chartreuse or pink in them.
    The old adage is any color works for coho as long as it is charteuse. ;)

    Add some sandlance and herring patterns to the mix and you should be good to go.
    Try dark gray, olive, dirty olive or purple over light gray or white.
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  6. Fishee

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    When I flyfish for silvers in Area 10/puget sound, I get up really early and be "ON" the water before light. Next, i search bait and riptides. I use full sinking, the one sinks the fastest; cast it out as much can and let it sink below the bait ball. Use your depth sound and see deep you bait ball is. I like below the ball of bait and I start to strip. The reason for being early is because it is easier to present your fly when the fish are in shallow/top water column. Im not talking about the jumper. I tried to ignore those, if one does come within range. I will cast to it to see if they bite.

    If you can't find bait on the surface, look and use the riptides. The Silvers loves the rip. Again, locate bait or even maybe fish using your depth/fish finder. Most of them hang around 20-40 deep.

    I always use green over white, maybe thin layer of yellow in mid section type of clousers. I personally clousers are awsome, most effective pattern fishing off a boat. I hate heavy clousers fished off the beach because it sucks and it's dangerous. Another words, i am a poor caster casting heavy weighted flys.

    When the sun hits hard on the water around 9:00, i start bucktailing aka trolling really fast with big flies. I go from 2.0 to 3.5 knots and your fly is right below the surface. I like shiny and green, white, pearl, olive color type of stuff.

    DId i say? Haha, i meant to say "chartreuse".
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  7. bramwessel

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    I second Nick's observation; friends and I have caught pinks, cutts AND coho on pink over white closers recently.
  8. sroffe

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    I've had pretty good success with a Shock and Awe.
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  9. Patrick Allen

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    I mooch a lot in area 10 and have found a couple of thing throughout my 30 years of mooching. Fish up high in the water column are defiantly your feeding fish. Certain years when the down rigger guys have to go really deep and coax the fish into biting with lots of flash and bling my mooching success fishing deep 75-120 feet goes way down. I fished out of Shilshole this am and threw the bug rod for a bit before settling in with a cut plug and 2 oz lead. Limited on coho in 45 minutes fishing less than 30 ft deep. Tomorrow I am going to give it a bit longer with the bug rod before switching. On a side note I really liked my new RIO outbound short. Thanks to everyone who recommended it as a good line.

  10. Gray Ghost

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    Add Angel Hair to all your clouser/baitfish patterns. Silvers love the bright flash and movement of Angel Hair.

    Here is a favorite that is mainly all Angel Hair. Favorite color combo., chartreuse, pink, white. I'll usually add a nickel brass bead or barbell.


  11. DennisE

    DennisE Topwater and tying.

    I call this one "The Stripper". I've tied it and tried in in multiple colors (blue, pink, brown, chartreuse and orange). Don't know if someone else tied it first. To the best of my knowledge I didn't "copy" other than to start with a basic small clouser. Added a collar to push the "bright and shiny" out (mostly Flashabou Polarflash). I'm growing to love the Gamakatsu SC15 #2. The last 4 fish I've hooked (3 pinks and one silver) have all made it into the boat (not so for those on the Daiichi 2546).

    Anyway, back to the fly, I've had searun follows on the blue and brown (looks a bit like a shiny sculpin), caught 3 Pinks on the pink, and caught a 6 pound hatchery silver on the gold collared orange (top one in the pic). The orange one was the only one I tied, so a promptly went home and tied more. Probably never get another take on it now! ;)

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  12. Cuttbow82

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    Do you have any tips or advice for working with Angel Hair? I've just gotten into saltwater fly tying and this material is giving me fits (not to mention all the complaints from my wife about sparkly debris all over the place).

    I just bought a few packs of Shimmer Fringe, but haven't tried tying with it yet. It looks like it might be easier to tie with since it is pre-stacked. You simply cut the amount you need from the base and tie it in.
  13. Chris Bellows

    Chris Bellows The Thought Train

    use the shimmer fringe. it is way easier to use and has far less waste than angel hair imo.

    the only drawback with soft materials is they can foul easier. this video shows a cool way to stiffen up a baitfish pattern with softex and reduce fouling.

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  14. Cuttbow82

    Cuttbow82 Active Member

    I'm going to tie up some shock and awes tonight and will definately try the shimmer fringe
  15. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Not the best video, but I've been thinking of something along these lines might be a good bet. I'd like to tie some stuff up that has a bigger profile and see how it does.

    Edit: Embedded video

  16. Chucker

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll get a few things tied up and get back out there - though I might have a mooching rig in the boat as well :)
  17. Gray Ghost

    Gray Ghost Member

    I use the Angel Hair tips, but tie in the Angel Hair a little bit differently than shown for Capt. Ray's Angel Hair Fly.

    I'll fold the Angel Hair on the thread and slide it up the thread into position. Check for length to find out where to fold the Angel Hair onto the thread.

  18. Bob Young

    Bob Young Member

    May I ask who is the producer of "Shimmer Fringe"?
  19. Cuttbow82

    Cuttbow82 Active Member

    believe it is manufactured by Hairline. I ordered mine from Gig Harbor Fly Shop.
  20. miyawaki

    miyawaki Active Member

    Watch your backcasts on the beach especially at the lower tides as the rocks behind you are coming up to meet your fly.

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