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  1. So I have big hooks, shiny baitfish materials, and big plastic eyes that I imagine I will need but searching here and google turns up very little of patterns. I imagine they will need to look like little fish...

    Anybody have ideas on length, colors, weighted or not? Do I just tie up large clousers? This is my first foray into large saltwater flies, I have tied up large pike flies before but they were pretty much just a really long bunny strip tied to a hook with a deerhair collar...

    Any input is appreciated.
  2. I'd tie up some of these. Considering the spin guys us crank baits for tuna and this pattern was designed as a universal blue water pattern, it's a good place to start. It has proven successful catching tuna around Baja.



    I tied a couple dozen up for our Baja Dorado trip. Warning! you really go through the material when tying large bait fish salt water patterns!!!
  3. Thanks that one looks good, I ended up finding one more and I think I have some mylar:


    And yeah I can see how it will eat up materials, I will have to stop by my favorite fly shop Thursday morning after searching for some pinks. Maybe I will buy up some fancy fish skulls to and try those out.
  4. I like that pattern. It uses fewer materials and takes fewer steps to tie than the Blanton pattern.. and as you know, I aim for less is more.
  5. Yeah, they've had requests for larger heads for blue water patterns.

    I don't know if anything will come of it. I have some of the large Skulls and I'd certainly give them a try for salt water flies.
  6. eh i made a run at it, I am happy with the body but I dont think the head turned out very well, but it will still fish. I think the mylar I had was to small and it split. Oh well a trip to the fly shop for some of those fish skulls will make it work.

    tuan fly.jpg tuna fly 1.jpg
  7. Shock and awe. It's tied on a tube, materials put on facing forward, fold everything back, then a cone of some sort, eyes. Anil at PSFC is the originator.

    If only those albacore would jump. . . . . .
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  8. Yeah im going to go down there and see those guys this week, but I am not going to try to tie a tube fly that big as a novice. Hopefully they have some tied already :eek:
  9. There are lots of flys that will work but before you tie a bunch of them, take a sample out and try to cast it. They don't need to be that big or heavy, if they are about the width of your palm they will be OK. Billfish are different, you often need a noisy dead chicken to get their attention, don't try to cast that with a 10 wt!
  10. Clousers, Deceivers and Spread Flies are all good choices for baitfish patterns. Size depends on your chum source or natural prey around. Color I'd have chartreuse, pink, olive, blue each over white and then variations of a couple of those colors (olive over pink over white is good..)

    Video on a spread fly:

    Some squid patterns would be good too.
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  11. Thanks I will tie some of those up. I grabbed four flys from PSFC so I could have an example in front of me, will have to tie up some olive over pink I dont have any of those yet.
  12. I assume you'll be targeting albacore. I've never fished for them but have had decent success on yellowtail using very small pale pink clousers with little to no flash.
    When the fish shut down on every other pattern, it seemed those clousers would still open their mouths. Might be worth having a few in your box.

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