Floating Baitfish Patterns

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  1. I just wanted to say that those are nice patterns that I think I've seen before or something similar in an old book of mine. I'll let you know what book but I think it was "Saltwater Naturals" by Roberts an East Coast fisherman.
  2. Nice work on the flies and cutthroat Brian.
  3. Thanks Tim and Red.
    Here is a picture of the fish from yesterday caught on a popper.

  4. Here some nice gloves that might help (sorry couldn't help it):

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  5. Thats a beautiful fish.....
    at least 18 inches
  6. Nice!
  7. Guys: Really interesting discussion and flies. Going to make more effort chasing cutties on top in the Georgia Strait. Always thought it gets too rough in most areas from Nanaimo to Campbell River in the winter to find sea run cutties. Any opinions on that? Looks to me like you are fishing "relatively" sheltered areas in the winter. Any comments would be appreciated.
  8. Stonefish:
    I like the looks of the fly with the chartreuse foam head. Could you provide a close-up picture of the fly? It looks like a standard deceiver fly with a foam (dink) head up front and a trailing hook (is this tied on a tube?). I have dabbled around with floating flies with only sporadic luck with src. thanks!
  9. Steve Rohrbach ties a cool popper/slider. I haven't played around with them enough to get a feel for what's the most efective, but I really liked the looks of it. It was tied with the Rainy's Pencil Popper (I think small) witht he pointy end forward as a slider rather than a popper. http://www.rainysflies.com/pencilpoppers.php I had Peninsula Outfitters order me some once as they seemed to be tricky to find in my area.

    Edit: Looks like this post had a picture but the attachments aren't showing up for me. http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/hood-canal-fishing-out-the-year.73314/
  10. Salty6,
    The fly is just my poorly tied version of Leland's Beach Popper.
    Here is a picture of it. Hope this helps.

  11. Here are a few that will work. Wire leaders not necessary. Just braided mylar tubing on wooden bodies.
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  12. Just to give you an idea of what is out there check out. Flybass.com they have a lot of different foam body's
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  13. Thanks Bagman
    I'll check out that website.
  14. VIU,
    I've only fished VI for salmon out of a boat in the salt. I'd think if you can find areas where small streams enter the salt and that are somewhat sheltered, you should find some searuns. You are correct about the fishing here being relatively shelter.
    You have some beautiful country up there. If you give it a go, please post a report.
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  15. Tie a Jeffery Delia's cone head shrimp but instead of the cone tie in a boobie foam perpendicular to the hook shank as if tying in bead chain eyes. Glue eyes on the boobies.
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  16. I also tie

    Tail: red article fox or marabou
    Body: peacock or pheasant ice dub chenille
    Collar: white spey hackle
    Head: foam bobby tied in bead chain eye style (with glue on eyes) or slider style where the booby is cut in half ala Chris Bellow's post (also with glue on eyes).

    Hook can be streamer or Gama SC15 sizes 8 to 2.

    To increase buoyancy you can under wrap boady with foam.
  17. Artic Fox not article.
  18. Red,
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Messed around today to see what I could come up with for a floating chum fry pattern
    Here is the first attempt.

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  19. Here is another floater. Braided mylar over wood. Lip is made from a clear plastic spoon and imparts a nice action. IMG_1856.JPG
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