Flushed Woodcock

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    Flushed Woodcock
    Hook: Kamasan B175 #14
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
    Hackle: Woodcock wing covert
    Body hackle: Hen, dyed hot orange
    Rib: Wire, silver fine
    Tail: Hackle barbs, dyed yellow
    Body: Mylar 16/18, silver

    Hans W
  2. Hans, looking at the smooth tinsel underbody I'm guessing the body hackle is tied in at the front, palmered back, and bound down with the wire. Is this correct?
  3. Rob,

    In my recipes I always list the materials in the order I tie them in.

    The thread does not advance more than a couple turns back from the eye. The mylar wrapped to bend ties down rib and tail material along the length of the shank, and then the mylar is wrapped back towards the eye as the second layer. Body hackle is open spiraled to bend, and then rib spiraled to eye.

    Hans W
  4. Hans, this one looks tricky. Perhaps you should do a SBS??? I'm also curious about the palmering with the tinsel body. As most of my stillwater patterns are WBs, it may be a technique I can use for an experimental WB.
  5. Thanks Hans - this is good to know!!
  6. Very nice. I think our native cutthroat would love this one with that rust.
  7. Thanks for the tip about tie in order. Seems about how I figured except for the trick of using the Mylar tinsel to bind everything down. I agree with Dave that it looks like a great cutt fly.

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