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  1. This has probably come up before, but I'm curious how many of you are exclusively fly fisherman? I ask because it's been a long time since I've done anything else, but am now exploring the idea of doing some salmon fishing with a long, surf spinning rod. I admit, part of me cringes at the idea, but the other part is fairly excited lol. The art, mystique, and thrill of the fly has kept me away from other forms for quite a while. Anyone here do salt, or mostly freshwater?
  2. im 26 and started fly fishing when I was 13. I can count 3 times only in those years I have a touched a spin gear rod. truth be told I would prolly FUBAR every setup I touched
  3. I think that I have done it all. From hand lining to fly fishing and everything in between. I've had Noodle rods, Spinning rods, Bait casters, Spey rod, Bamboo rod, Bass rod, Salmon rods. Of course they all took reels and extra spools. And gear. And now all I do is fly fish. I think that I would like to get an ultra light spinning rod, but all I do is think about it. Don't really want one. Just thinking about it.
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  4. 1/4 gear, 3/4 fly. Gear can be a blast. Like if you want to bomb a bunch of bait beyond the last breakers, or you're chasing a pod of fish that is moving rapidly and it is windy out. That and I like the feel of a spinner, spoon or buzz bomb every now and then. Not to mention sometimes no matter how you weight it, you can't get it down deep enough without gear. I enjoy taking apart and cleaning my eggbeaters, then putting them together again. Kites handle well with gear. Also catching solidfish on a handline can be a hoot. I intend to do that this summer with pinks...
  5. Other than 1 recent trip when I gear fished for steelhead (I was invited on a drift trip and didn't want to act like a snob or a dick), I haven't fished with gear in about 4 years
  6. Fished it all. Grew up with gear. Spent 10-12 years in the middle fly only. Now I fish fly, gear, DuPont spinner, etc.....

    I'll chase steelhead with fly and gear, trout fly only, salmon fly and gear, bass fly and gear, SRC fly only, tropical fly only.
  7. I'm trying to go thrifty on saltwater gear just in case I'm bored to tears. But I'm definitely looking forward to it. Would be fun to land something bigger than my hand for a change lol.
  8. Wow! I wish I had that experience and knowledge under me.
  9. I've tried all sorts but enjoy fly and pretty much fly only. Something about a treble hook or some gnarly smelling bait takes the fun out of it for me.
  10. I like it all. I've gotten sick of nymphing with a fly rod - but honestly I catch more fish nymphing with a fly rod than I do with the bobber stick so I'm still 95% sinning with a fly rod and 5% slinging lead. I guess that means I suck at gear fishing. I don't have a ton of confidence in my ability to do it.

    I take a break from both during the winter and strictly swing. Catching a fish on the swing is the most exhilarating thing in the world and I'd take one monster pull, jump, f-you, "ohhhh no you don't"! over 6 fish in a day on a bobber. (it's happened, I went out with Bob Ball once and he's a monster)

    It's fun to whore out and bring the bobber stick on a float once in a while so I can pull over and slice through the holds that are impossible to get at effectively with a switch rod and thingamabobber. It hasn't paid off yet, but it's fun.... because in my mind I'm always thinking "Dude, that is for sure where the 23lb steelhead is f**king off, if only...." And..... I cast right into it and there's nothing.

    Keeps me focused and honest instead of endlessly wondering. All that being said - the best fly fishermen that I've seen started out with a decade of gear fishing on their hands. They plain know where the fish are and spend more productive time putting a fly in the fishes face because of it. There's an opportunity to waste an endless amount of time fly fishing, especially for steelhead, without as much as 10 seconds of feedback for it.
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  12. I fish and enjoy a bit of both spinning and fly fishing. Trout fishing is strictly fly, but to be honest I find bass fishing more enjoyable with the spinning gear. Generally less work and more effective.
  13. That's how I started out--fishing for bass near a river mouth with a spinning rod. Then caught the 'bug' when I moved upstream and switched over to fly.
  14. Depends on who I'm fishing with. I always fly fish when it's just me, but when I fish with my old man it's whatever he says. His boat, his rules. Plus, he's my dad and I've been catching steelhead with him since I was 4.
  15. Yeah there's something magical about being alone on the water with a fly rod. Nothing like it, whether a fish rises or not :)
  16. I've got more gear outfits than flyrods....but my fly rods get used way more.
  17. I enjoy swinging a fly more, but I'll bring a gear rod if the kids are coming.
  18. I spent the first half of my life fishing with bait and lures, in every kind of water, for every kind of fish that I could find, back in New York and New England. Once the salt water fisheries collapsed I was kind if fed up with killing fish. Funny how you have to lose something to appreciate what you have. I took up fly fishing shortly after that, mostly for trout in the Catskill and Adirondack rivers. Over the ensuing 33+ years I have proceeded, mostly on my own, with varying degrees of adventure and success. I have always loved the lore and history and artful culture of fly fishing. So it was easy for me to see it all as a huge challenge, compared to some of the more invasive and aggressive forms of conventional fishing. I no longer needed a guarantee. I wanted that challenge. And I knew I wasn't going to be killing many fish anymore. This is a game that one can grow in, and improve upon their skills with, for as long as they can still stand by a river and cast a fly rod. A life's study and work. I never felt like I was a better person than anyone else, those using bait and lures etc., simply because I am a fly fisherman. But I have often felt that fly fishing has offered a window into a deeper state of mind, and a way of life and art that those other methods had not provided me with. So in this I can say that fly fishing has lead me to my better self. "Practice to be quiet".
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  19. A couple summers ago on Rufus Woods had kids along and fished spinning rods with Kastmasters (effectively). It was the only time in the last 20 years I've pulled out the spinning rods I've had since I was a kid. It was a blast... hucking a Kastmaster over 200 feet is, um, easy and fun!
  20. I began fishing with spinning and casting gear, but after I got into fly fishing I really got into it, to the point of exclusivity. I've mellowed in recent years, and in the interest of becoming a more "compleat (sic) angler" I bought a bunch of salmon gear and kicker motor for my boat and enjoy chasing salmon a few days each year. I'll always spend most of my time fly fishing until I'm so old and decrepit that I take up plunking.

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