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    A friend of mine and I are interested in finding a guide that offers food and accommodation at a reasonable price. We would like to fly fish for Steelhead in the Dean River, Copper River area next fall. We would bring our own rods,reels etc. but we would need to have the proper flies to use or buy. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  2. Be prepared to pay some serious cheddar cheese
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    I do not think it is going to take you long to find a guide that specializes in what you are wanting. Like Mr Turds stated it is going to cost a considerable amount of money so save up be well prepared so you can have a ton of fun. I am jealous.
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    The Dean and the Copper are pretty distinct and geographically separated rivers so you might have to incorporate the services of two outfitters to do them both. Can't offer any insight on the Dean (yet) but I fished the Copper for the first time a few weeks ago while staying at Skeena Wilderness Lodge in Terrace. While it was an unguided trip, we hooked numerous fish in the one run told to us by Stan the lodge owner. He also does fly-in, helicopter trips on the upper river. I had the impression he knows the river well and provided great, healthy meals and nice accommodations. He's a good guy to boot. The downside was the pressure (lots of people) and the color (only fishable one day in a week we were there).
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    Give Randy and Pat a call at Lanfear Guest House B&B in Terrace, BC, for wonderful accomodations, great food and very reasonable rates. Randy used to guide the Skeena and Copper, and might be able to connect you to a guide service.
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    See if Nate Treat guides up there. You'd be set.
  7. my only complaint is he does not provide sprinkles
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    I once saw him parachute out of Air Force 1 onto the Dean, where as soon as he touched down he Spey-cast an intruder he tied (blindfolded and upside down while asleep, no less) directly into the mouth of a 30lb buck steelhead which he landed effortlessly. He then ate bones and shit a ghost, after which he stepped through the door of his Pavati Guardian and ran a class VIII rapid with both middle fingers up.
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    The squidro thread was so awesome on so many levels. Too bad the mods deleted the entire thing. At least I can't find it anymore.
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    Any chance Nate Treat is related to Chuck Norris?
  11. He is chuck norris
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    He wears a live rattlesnake as a condom
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    I cant stop laughing..... running the rapids with both middle fingers up is such a great visual, i just cant stop laughing. thanks!
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    The only time Nate Treat has been wrong was when he thought he had made a mistake.
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    :D:cool: WHOA DUDE!!! That is totally awesum!!!

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