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  1. quote="theunderstudy, post: 921155, member: 24771"]Area 10 2014 for Lingcod.
    LINGCOD May 1-June 15 Hook and line season. Min. size 26". Max. size 36". Daily limit 1.
    May 21-June 15 Spearfishing season. Max. size 36". Daily limit 1.

    Here is the full 2014 State Regs.[/quote]

    That link is for the 2013-2014 season that ends April 30, 2014. The full regulations for 2014 should be out about May 1, 2014.
  2. How convenient, out the day the season is supposed to open? State entity at its finest.
  3. The "lateness" of the release of the new regs is a consequence of the North of Falcon process. (i.e., the NOF process needs to be completed to set the salmon season, so that the specifics of the salmon season can be printed in the new regs booklet).

    Not sure if the State can influence any of that timing, so as to release the updated regs before May 1.
  4. You got it right, same for the crabbing as those days have changed in recent years.
  5. Electric copy of the new regs now available on WDFW's web site.
  6. New regs allow two rods in area 13
  7. My office is on the water and since 5/1 the reports have not been good. Haven't heard of any ling being pulled out of the sound. Fly or tackle. Anyone else have reports since the season opener? The normal spots that have yielded many fish in the passed are silent, not sure what is going on...
  8. I'm not sure where you are from, but the reports I've received have been pretty decent.
  9. Fishing was much slower than normal for me, but the tides weren't great, and the opener was a bit of a zoo too around possession pt. At one point I counted 40 boats within perhaps a 200 yard radius. Fishing was better up in the San Juan's on Friday but it was still pretty tough when the currents were ripping between tides. The vast majority of our grabs came within an hour of high or low tide.
  10. We had mixed success with the Puget Sound lings on Friday. Got one keeper sized 27 incher (first non C&Red ling ever) and had about a 40 incher grab a 4 pound rockfish and drag it down to the depths. I don't think they tie a black rockfish fly with 10/0 hooks but I'm guessing that it would work!

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  11. We had 5 grabs and 4 landed, on the opener. Friday had 1 undersized released. Tuesday the 5th had 4 grabs, lost 2, broke off 1, but was able to land a 28" keeper. Will be out for Halibut on Friday, and if we're not lucky with the Butts will jig for some Lings.
  12. Nice work Paul. Sounds like some good fun. I am thinking I may go back out and give it another go tomorrow if the forecast holds. Pretty mild tides which should make things easier for me.
  13. Pick the hour before and after the tide change. I like running a small electric trolling motor on the Ling boat, helps correct the boat, and keeps things quiet. I have a drift sock, but prefer not to use it.
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