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  1. I went out this winter and I bought some more different dry fly floatant. It is called Lochsa. It is made by Loon I think. (it's out in my truck and I would go out and check it but it's raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock). It costs a little more, $9.95, But it floats flies like no tomorrow. I put some on an old fly and tried to sink it. It popped right back up like a cork. It's a clear liquid.

    I thought that Moose Snot was the going thing, but this stuff is way better. And it doesn't leave a oil slick on the surface either.

    Just a little info for you dyed in the wool dry fly fishers.
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  2. Thanks for the info! Great tip. I'll keep my eye out for it at the shop.
  3. I saw the Lochsa at a fly shop the other day, but went with what I know works well and got the Aquel instead. I'm going back tomorrow to purchase the good stuff. Thanks Old Man!
  4. I used to use Aquel, but here in Montana it melts in the heat of the day.
  5. I use pure high temperature silicone grease, laboratory grade. Just the tiniest dab rubbed between your fingers, then lightly on the fly, will suffice. A small bottle has lasted me decades....but I fish wet flies far more than dries.
  6. I like to use Loons payette paste. Probably out of laziness since I use furled leaders when dry fly fishing and the payette paste works well on the leader, but it seems to do a good job on the flies as well. Might melt in that montana heat though.
  7. When I first started out in Fly Fishing I used something that came out of a little round red thing. It was called Skykomish something or other. It worked well. Then I tried some made by Garcia and it came in a hour glass bottle. It was a liquid and worked really good. But after a while I couldn't find it any more. I also tried some shit in a spray can and some in a spray bottle. I have used Gink and Aquel and then when I came to Montana I tried Moose Snot, this didn't melt in the heat of the summer like Aquel does. Then I was turned on to this Lochsa Floatant.

    Of all the different stuff I have used to float dries this Lochsa is about the best I have ever used. And I don't have any interest in Loon outdoors. I just like this product.
  8. Lochsa is claimed to be good for CDC and everything else:

    I like the idea of a single floatant I can use for regular and CDC dry flies.

    I'll give it a try.

  9. I have been using Gink for years but think I'll try this Loon product. I see Loon also has a liquid floatant in a pump spray. Seems like that would give better coverage. I still ponder the stuff the guide on the Bitteroot used last summer. Musilin dissolved in lighter fluid. He told me it was real old school concoction his grandfather showed him. Sure did float flies like a cork but the first cast left quite a slick.


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