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  1. Hey guys,

    New to the forum here and new to fishing in Washington State. Just moved up here last year. Am fairly new at Fly Fishing having fished for trout in NM, OK, and AR and some grayling in Alaska. I have ordered a couple of books on fishing in the Northwest and would like to get recommendations on books, videos, and fly patterns to use here for Steelhead and Salmon. Are there any assortments that you guys could recommend? Thanks for your help and look forward to getting on the waters here.
  2. Glider
    Check out the fly tying forum and look under the swap photos.
    That will give you some ideas.
    There have been a couple of good fly threads in the saltwater form as well recently if you are thinking of hitting the salt.
  3. Thank you SF. Exactly what I am looking for... a good starting point!
  4. A book you might want to look over, is by Dave Hughes who happens to live in the northwest " Essential Trout Flies"
  5. If you're primarily interested in flies for salmon and steelhead, posting your question somewhere other than the entomology section will probably generate more response. Almost without exception, steelhead and salmon patterns are purely attractors and bear no resemblance to anything that ever flew or swam. Trying the salt water or steelhead sections will get you closer to the mark.
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  6. books by les Johnson and bob fergerson Richard stoll on fly fishing for salmon and sea runs in the salt. books by doug rose on the Olympic pennisula
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  7. Thanks guys. Have some books on order and visited Confluence Fly Shop in Bellingham. Also trying to get connected with one of the local clubs.
  8. Book = western hatches = a good place to start!
  9. I'll second that. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Ferguson for sure.

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