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  1. With my recent 'dissolution' I have some redecorating to do... I've been tying on an old plastic over particle board worktable forever and it's time to set up a tying desk that I look forward to spending time.

    I've already waded through several pages of Google results but I would appreciate any recommendations on sources of nice desks.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I just use a regular office desk right now. Its a bigger L-shaped one from Ikea and works well as a multi-purpose desk. I have an older computer there too so I can listen to music and pull up pic's while I'm working. I'd really like to see some pics of how people store their materials though. I currently just use some plastic drawer units but they're flimsy and aren't sized well for storing materials. I end up spending more time digging through them looking for stuff than tying... I know a lot of people use roll-top desks but that isn't really an option for me.
  3. Watch yard sales for an old baby-changing dresser. These have a fold-down/fold-out top which lends itself well to fly-tying activities.
  4. Garage sales and craigslist is the way to go. I used to use my Dad's old rolltop for my flytying. Now I have a small bunkhouse that's my flytying cave. :) So the desk is now just a "desk" again. But the nice thing about a rolltop, if you have company come over (and the desk is somewhere within view), you can simply close the top and it's clean. :)
  5. I picked up this antique secretary for a $150 on CL.

    The secretary type desks are great. Lots of cubbies to stuff with dubbing and so forth, shelves above for feathers like partridge skins, pheasant, etc, and boxes of hooks, beads, etc. the large drawers below are perfect storage for those expensive whiting saddles and capes, bucktails, and so forth.

    Not only is it utilitarian, and a great height for tying, but it looks really nice.

    My girlfriend HATES that such a nice piece of furniture is used for tying flies. Hahaha... ;)

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  6. Thomas, if you haven't checked it out, in the WFF Gallery is a Tying Equipment and Stations gallery:

    There are some great, inexpensive rolltop desks on CL right now. I use a small flipdown desk right now but it is small and therefore is always cluttered no matter how neat I am trying to be. A buddy gave me shit about how small it was last week and wondered how I could tie on it so now I am thinking about getting a bigger desk! The desk has 3 drawers and I use plastic drawers for more storage but I think a big rolltop would be a better solution for me.
  7. Thomas, here's a pic from today - the one I posted before was in my old apartment before I'd settled into the desk. This pic shows better usage of the cubbies and shelves, and also shows it kinda at it's worst in terms of clutter due to my recent tying frenzy and lack of discipline re cleaning up as I go along.

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  8. Cheapest and easiest-a cheap door from home depo set on 2 used 2 drawer file cabinets.
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  9. Thanks guys. I should have been more clear. I'm not really looking to save money. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for fine craftsmanship & artistry. I'm looking for heirloom quality that I will tie on till I can't tie any more and give to my kid one day. I found several custom guys via google but was looking for other recs, maybe local or shops that are heavy on craftsmanship but not on the internet. Partnering with a great woodworker that doesn't make specialty desks on my own design was my other thought.

    Being newly single, I figured a nice piece of furniture was a better investment than a red Ducati... ;)

    Two front-runners I found on the web:
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  10. I bought a nice secretary's desk on CL for $150. Works great
  11. Hi Thomas,
    I build fly tying furniture to support my fly fishing habit.
    Here's a few pictures.
    tying desk & hackle chest 001.jpg Mark\'s desk 002.jpg steven,s desk 001.jpg

    Ken Sample
  12. I'd jump on the second one Thomas, even with the gauled corner it looks sweet.
  13. Highly recommend Little South Fork. I have seen Kenny's work in person and its top notch. He can build anything you want.
  14. Those are pretty nice Thomas. I think the MORE drawers the better. I do like kenfishbums top/first pic. That baby has 28 drawers if I can count right. Nice maple he's got there too! If I were to have one custom built, I would look at a little portability if you have to move it around or in a move period. In other words, somehow separate sections of drawers that you can place back together in a unit. My $.02. I just moved!! Most of those drawers and setups are heavy and cumbersome.
  15. Here's a question.... What type of chair do you guys find the most comfortable/practical to tie in? Post pics if ya got em'.
  16. That's a real good question as I've had about 4 chairs and only one was good enough to sit in for long periods.

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