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Do you play golf on a regular basis?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I see many parallels between fly fishing and golf. Both require above average hand eye and motor timing skills. Success at either are largely based on developing the right muscle memory. Both are great travel sports and allow us to participate in them nearly our whole lives long. Both are great family sports by which father/mother, son/daughter, husband/wife relationships develop around. Both are played outdoors in, for the most part, really nice places.

    This being The Masters weekend, I'm curious how many of the WFF members play golf?
  2. I get out often during the summer. Hard not to when I can do it in the middle of the work week and expense it as "Networking!"

    I will admit that if Golfing was during Steelhead season I would probably never do it, but during the summer its a great thing to get out and do with the wifey and the work associates!

    My golf swing comes along much like Spey Casting did... Lots of practice, lots of crappy shots, but a few good ones keep me coming back!
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  3. Hi Freestoneangler,

    Count me in as a golfer who is also a fly fisherman or vice versa. Been both for many years, too many to count. I agree with you, there are many parallels. Taking your analogy further into equipment is an interesting analogy as well. Graphite technology in golf shafts has similar parallels to its use for fly rod development. I find that interesting as there are lots of gear whores in both sports.

    I totally agree with your analysis above, great sports for a lifetime of fun. Thanks for pointing it out. I love the Masters tournament and love the fact that Nicklaus is an avid proponent of fly fishing as I mentioned in Golfman's thread.
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  4. Grew up golfing. Essentially gave it up due to the cost. Don't agree on the coorrelation to the two activities.
  5. Put me in the "I love fly fishing. I hate golf." column............
  6. Both are passions and it is always a battle to do one or the other. Fishing usually wins. Speaking of technology I have custom clubs with Loomis graphite shafts. Don't think they make them anymore but mine are 18 years old and working fine. Thankfully they don't show an affinity towards water. :)
  7. I have been golfing longer than I have been a fly angler. I love both but as of the last season when I chose to be committed to steelhead, I have not golfed once. I hop over to the driving range to give my daughter lessons though. Now I do not have to really force myself to be committed to the steelhead fly fishing game anymore as it just happens that way now. Unfortunately because of this the golf game has really taken a back seat.

  8. Ed,

    My brother who does not golf but fly fishes more than any person I have ever known, (ex guide) has his own analogy for both sports. He told me years ago that he views paying to fish on lakes that have a fee as similar to what "you" golfers do every time you play golf, that is of course paying the green fee. Took me a while to agree with him but I do.

    The nice thing about fly fishing though is, you don't have to pay a green fee to fish.
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  9. I only Golf if forced to by the owner of the company.
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  10. Golfing would consume valuable time that could be better spent fly fishing.
  11. The last time I hit a golf ball was at a driving range. I was about 18 at the time. I'm 79 now.
  12. I hope catching a steelhead on the fly doesn't become like trying to hit a hole in one for you!

  13. +1 to that.

    I could golf, but I would be looking at the water hazards wondering if there are any blugill in em. Why torture myself like that?

    Also I am not a fan of the golf culture.
  14. It won't.
  15. My son is a great golfer, and if I get a chance, I'll play a round of golf
    with him, as he doesn't fly fish very often. But, if I have my choice, I'd rather wet a line any day. I have a ten round punch card to a local course. I bought it in 2009. Last week I used 2 punches to treat my son to a round. I still have 4 punches left!
  16. Freestone....I don't see any parallels between the sports and I have golfed longer than fly fished. I usually come home from a round frustrated with my performance, which deteriorates with age. I come home from a fishing trip refreshed with new ideas for the next trip. My 5 hour round of golf at the better courses costs me the price of a years out of state fishing license in all the states I love to fish. In that regard I am greatfull that golf keeps the cost in perspective!
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  17. The same parallel could be said of many sports. Shooting, archery, bowling and winter sports for example. Edited: Okay, bowling isn't an outdoor sport so i'll retract that one...

    I don't golf, primarily because I can only balance one expensive sport at a time.

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  18. I see golf and fly fishing as being at odds with each other. In fly fishing people are very conservation minded and are concerned with sustaining healthy fisheries. Golf is the opposite when you consider the amount of land it requires, the insane amount of water used and the pollution created when they cut the stupid grass. I also just think its weird and exclusive and I have no desire to play golf. I am a golf hater.
  19. Deadbabys is in the running for best avatar.
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  20. HS years worked at a private CC, played a lot... Don't now, I get bored and when its over wish I had the time back.

    It is an amazing sport, but I'd rather watch it on TV and drink beer than play and drink beer.

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