flyfishing in the salmon la sac are help

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by sage, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. hi im going to salmon la sac clelem are this week end and i was hoping some on could tell me were to fish any good steams would be nice please help never been there so i know nothing of the area.

  2. Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    Used to be pretty good up the Cle Elm river near Sam La Sac, but pretty much shot now.
    May be a few small Native brookies,cutts, and occasional bow in the Cooper River near there if your willing to brushwhack into the more remote sections.
    Probably best, most consistent bet near there is the Upper Yak in the Cle Elm area and below toward Ellensburg.
  3. went up there last weekend. didnt see much in nthe cooper or cle elum, but ive heard the cle elum above tucquala lake has lots of small brookies. but the drive up there is rough. i did manage to catch my first couple trout on a fly rod out on the teanaway.
  4. brooky :THUMBSUP
    I was out at cooper river and I hooked up on several large rainbows.The biggest was 18 inches.You need to head past lake cle elum towards cooper lake. There will be signs. It is about 14 miles to the lake. Cooper river comes off of the lake and down to lake cle elum. Any way you need to start fishing about 50 yards up the river from the bridge that you will need to cross to get to cooper river. Drive a little bit up the road and on your right will be a campsite right down by the river. This spot is where a small creek feeds into the river. An extremely deep shaded pool with a mellow current sits here. I stopped at this spot on my way back from lake nunnally. I fished it for twenty minutes with no luck on every bug I could think of. I finally switched to a muddler minnow. I tossed it into the rapids and let the current take it to the far end of the pool. I let it sit there for about three seconds,then I started to strip it in. My first tug landed me an 18 inch rainbow. I spent the next 3 hours fishing that whole. I will definetly be back there soon. I would really apreciate if you would use barbless flies. The state is rehabilitating the river. Good luck. I t was a blast! P.S. Try the mouth of the creek at the est end of cooper lake also. Large brookies as well as rainbows

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