~ Lynnwood. Yes, No?

Discussion in 'Events' started by Bradley Miller, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Just ran across this.....coming up next month. Is this worth taking a day that MIGHT be spent fishing and driving up to Lynnwood instead? Yes, no, maybe?
  2. I think they're great shows. I work almost the whole circuit all over the country. Some cities do better than others, and it all seems to feed on the local response and attendance. Plenty of stuff to see and do at all of them.
  3. No!

  4. They cancelled the one here in Pasadena CA for what they said was a lack of support. Truth is it got old. Same stuff, never anything really new so people went every other year. I still went to check things out, but I noticed last year that there were only 50% of the venders.
  5. Anyone from the Portland/Vancouver area going?

    Would like to car pool and share the petrol cost.
  6. Pasadena was kind of a bummer of a show, and I see Denver going the same route. The Pleasanton, ca show is one of the best of the circuit, though. I'm at the Somerset, nj show now, and it's gigantic and full of great stuff.
  7. Looks like a good way to kill a day.
  8. Not driving 8 hrs to go to a show. I'll save the money for a guided trip somewhere else.
  9. Evan: do you work at these shows? Are you a vendor?
  10. I'll be there Saturday for sure, most likely working the door in the AM and then spending time meeting folks and doing my best to buddy up to Phil as much as I can (I have some patterns to share with him). I always love the shows, and I always find something new to enjoy.
  11. "....buddy up to Phil..." Good one Ira.
  12. I'm going to try to make it. It's all of a 15 minute drive for me.
  13. I will be there Sat. Maybe see you all round out there!
  14. I work at these shows at the Allen Fly Fishing (my employer) booth. This is my second year of doing this circuit.
  15. Will you be at the Lynwood show? If so I'll be sure to stop by and introduce myself.
  16. Barring tragedy on my week long OP trip leading up to the show, I will be working!
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  17. I'm hoping to make it to the show and perhaps we'll be able to meet and talk a little West Palm Beach fishing.
  18. Looks like I will be there on Saturday.
  19. I am going to walk around a bit later Saturday afternoon before heading over to the international fly fishing show thing.
  20. ill most likely stop through as i am in mill creek

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