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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by WABOWMAN, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Got my first 15 done.Always tie up a few extras for my own box.Working on a damel next.An easy and effective tie.

  2. Mike, I'm going to send my submissions to you before April 15th, please PM me the address you want them sent to.
  3. We have a full swap.Thank you and welcome Kelvin into the swap.
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]The bugs wilI be finished later today and into the mail tomorrow.
    1. Fuzzy Foam green body Elk Hair Caddis #16
    2. Fuzzy Foam Cinnamon Ant #14[​IMG]
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  5. I will be doing two bugs that catch fish
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  6. ansas got yours today
  7. P6250497.JPG mine are done
    where do I send them?

    P6250497.JPG P6250477.JPG
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  8. Great looking flies Kelvin!
    PM sent with address.
  9. Finished mine up over the weekend so will be mailing out this week.
    Wabo, Have you got any more lately?
    Two weeks and counting...
  10. WABowman, mine are done too. Not tagged just yet, but I'll try to get them tagged. Are we still meeting up tomorrow in the early afternoon?
  11. Ed,yes we are still meeting up on tuesday,i was going to give you a call this morning.
    I have been updating the first post when people are done.I will say i did get 1/2 of someones and have been trying to get ahold of him to let him know.
    Thank You Ed for wanting to get them tagged.I have already got some without tags and postage.But it is all part of a swap and i think i did it too on my first one.
  12. Well, by now you know that my printer is fried (thanks to the Mrs.) and I handed mine over untagged.
  13. Pen and ink on paper can work. Having done swaps before at the least the tyer named tagged on the flies helps when it comes to sorting them and posting pictures.
  14. Yes yes. I'm a worthless jerk.
  15. Im glad you said that!!!!!LOL
  16. Ok,guys only 9 days left ive only got 2 guys complete flies,plus mine.I see some that are done but not in the mail yet
  17. Mine will be tagged up, with postage and in the mail by Monday.
  18. Thanks steeli
  19. Have a bunch of bubblehead caddis tied up, trying to decide whether to tie up another pattern or just do two of them...

    Either way I'll have them out early next week.
  20. Mike, my second dozen will be in the mail tomorrow. These will be my "YakCaddis" which is in the Orvis catalog and made me a whopping $161 last guys, go out and buy a million or so will ya? :0)


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