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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by WABOWMAN, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. And the sorting begins!!!
  2. LOL...yes but the flies are in the garage.I like where you were going
  3. All - My sincere apologies for sending the flies late. I had them ready to ship early last week but have been inundated with other things i.e. move, potential job change etc. I will send them out today, WABOWMAN you'll have them on Saturday.

    Sam Dixon
  4. Thanks Sam,Dont worry its all good with me.
  5. Dude we're missing all the crazy April Hopper Action! Yeah that's right the A.H.A.
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  6. No flies in the mail today,hopefully monday!
  7. Wow! too bad i missed out on this swap. Looks like some great flies guys!
    I'm back in the game after surgery now whenever another swap is available. :cool:
  8. All flies are in,packed up and to the mailer!Thank you all for a great swap with some awesome flies!I tried to get pics but my camera wont focus in on them.If someone can get some good pics and get them posted.I would be greatfull.
    Thank you,
  9. I am really impressed with everyone's ties! Sorry mine are the crappy ones out of the bunch. At least the Raccoon variant adds some variety. It's a good midge pattern on the lakes. I should have mentioned that.

    Thanks Cabo Wabowman for running the swap and thanks everyone else for the nice flies. I look forward to getting them wet!
  10. Got my flies in the mail today, and I am very impressed with the quality and variety of the patterns submitted by this group. Thank you everyone - now, onto hot summer days and casting large dries at the banks....
  11. Got mine. All awesome. Thanks Mike and all!
  12. I dont think any of them were cheesy or bad ties.I was impressed with all the ties and were great!It shows some great ways to use foam in different ways and give tiers some ideas on ways to use it in their tying.We always judge our own harder then others.
  13. Ok,I have been notified of a screw-up at the shipper.There is one person out there that is not going to get their flies.Two of them were sent to one person.If you havent got yours let me know and i will get this fixed.
  14. Ok,we will give it a day or 2.I have 2 people that said they didnt get theirs.Once i figure it out i will get them to the rightfull owner.Sorry to who evers they are.
  15. If it helps,they were sent in a dubbing box.
  16. Mine were shipped in a Dubbing Box also. :cool:
  17. They must be yours then,bugboy.I will send your info to hooked 1.Mayfly i hope you got yours.
  18. got them yesterday, they look great! thanks all!
  19. Thanks everyone, no worries. Matt
  20. The orange foam gurgler-style fly is very good. The SRC's and resident rainbows on the Snoqualmie cannot leave it alone. It's replaced the reverse spiders in my box. Nice work Kelvin.

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