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  1. According to my sources, Washington's head coach Sarkisian has interviewed for the job of head coach at USC. In light of his history with USC, I found this interesting.
  2. That was quick.
  3. Yup its all over ESPN. Not really sure what i think of this just yet
  4. off to his next stage of mediocracy
  5. I have to agree with Bass. UW past record had no way to go but up.
    Just a hair over 500 ball this year, is not going to get you much in the Pac 12. They did get a bowl game out of it, but all of the marbles went south.
  6. I hear Erickson is available as a replacement.... :eek:
  7. Rumor monger!
  8. All rumour. They are providing cover for the upcoming announcement that Sark has been offered the head coaching job at the Duvall Red Wolves!
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  9. Back to USC
    Because it's time,

    to pay the referees.
  10. I've been thinking Chris Peterson looks burned out at Boise State. Maybe it's time to trade his horse in on a dog.

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  11. :D
  12. So is Tyrone WIllingham.

  13. Word on the street has it that he will be the new director of the marching band.

  14. Someone told me that Jim Mora was in town.
  15. John Gruden will be here tonight as well.......
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  16. Yeah and being interviewed by UW :)
  17. So is Alan Mullaly. Oops, wrong job opening!

  18. Mullaly? The ogre that ate the Ranger? 7,000,000 units and he throws the baby out with the bathwater? You Microsoft guys should be thinking about a Plan B.....

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  19. They say no in L.A. but !! I say welcome home Mora !!!
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