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  1. Probably no chance of getting Pinkel?:(
  2. Could be. But I wouldn't surprised if the opening at Montlake could lure Chris Peterson away from Boise State.

  3. A week ago they were asking the question " has Sark done enough?" Saying if he lost to Wazzu he might be gone, well now he is. It's the shits to have to start over but maybe it's for the best?
  4. Jim Mora will be the next huskies coach.
  5. I think Bo Pelini here at Nebraska would be willing to move.
  6. Only time (and a lot of it...) will tell.
    Fits and starts, and no continuity in the program, does not bode well.
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  7. maybe Newweasel?
  8. Well, for sure it will not be another Don James. He was one of a kind.

    Having grown up in the Big 10, or 12 or 15 or what ever it is now, I have no love for Washington, other than State Loyality. I can't say that the Big whatever makes me warm and fuzzy all over either. I thought I might be happy with Notre Dame as a boyhood favorite, but since
    Holtz left, they leave a lot on the table too. And then there is ARMY,
    that keeps letting Navy beat their butt. Sooo, I have decided that rather than switch my allegiance to another team, I will switch to another sport. I really like watching girl's beach vollyball, given the dirty old man that I am. :)
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  9. Mora wanted to coach here and so did Pinkel. Pinkel did coach under Don James. In fact they were quite good friends.
  10. I heard today, that he turned the job down.
  11. Sarkisian: "happy to be back home"... interpretation, just marking time in Seattle; my heart was never in that job...and I have a record to prove it :D.
  12. Seems everyone forgets that sark was volunteering to captain the titanic by coming to uw. Prior to him showing up they hadn't had a winning season in 7 years. 8-4 isn't world beating but the 4 losses were to respectable teams. No doubt the program is in better shape now than when he showed up.

    I'm sure he was fighting off the blue chip recruits with stick after taking over a winless program.
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  13. Mora is due in seattle this weekend for a charity way was UCLA letting him leave and attend seattle without an answer or iron clad promise he would not jump ship.... The answer was yes when the UCLA deal was extended and sweetened by mass quantities of dinero!!!! Right now Im thinking Nussmeir from Bama, the former Idaho Vandal QB and Saint back-up QB. He was here for Locker's and Price's most successful seasons. Done ok at Bama.
  14. Pinkel may have wanted in about 5 years ago, but then Mizzou was in the Big 12. Now that he's in the SEC and on the verge of a conference championship, I don't see him wanting to leave anymore.
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  15. I really like watching girl's beach vollyball, given the dirty old man that I am. :)I

    I could get into this girls beach volleyball stuff
  16. Don't forget about the rumor of Baldwin from EWU.
  17. Hi heard they're interviewing the coach from Wapato Middle School.
  18. Does she have a winning record?
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  19. A friend and co-worker told me many times not to say "that it couldn't get any worse" - he was usually right.

    That being said, I find it inconceivable that the next Husky coach could do any worse than Willingham.

  20. Sark had the talent, but he couldn't win the big games. The 8 wins were against the weaker teams.
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