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  1. After his comments yesterday in LA, I doubt that his heart was in it.

    So we move along to the next turn in the trail.
  2. Why is it. Nobody wants to come to the State Of Washington to coach football. They play hell trying to get a coach.
  3. ESPN this morning: UCLA has extended Mora's contract for another 6 years pending approval by the board of regents. He withdrew from any consideration for the UW job.

  4. Damn my voodoo didn't work.
  5. Focus on Chris Peterson. He's an outstanding coach and loves the PNW.

  6. And when they finally do, we all turn into a lynch mob when they don't deliver a 10 or 11 win season their third year.

    We have met the enemy and they is us.

  7. At least you guys have a decent looking mascot. We have a goofy looking guy in a red hat and a blow up doll here at Nebraska. I am lookingh forward to becoming a Huskie fan next year when I retire to the PNW.
  8. I'm telling ya, Erickson will show up. He does create winning college football teams... true, he seems to recruit players from California prisons but they do win games -- regardless of all the penalties and off campus arrests. :)
  9. Prepare to be disappointed.

    I'm available. IF they can come up with enough money. :)
  10. You can't get much less inspired than a duck or beaver mascot. True, they've changed "Benny" to "Angry Beaver" and I know for a fact that a real beaver can be quite hostile when pissed off but you just don't equate them to something mean.

    And a duck... who the hell came up with that idea? A duck? An eagle, a hawk, a falcon I can understand, but a duck?

    Oh well, no other college team in the world his uncle Nike providing them with 2,323 different uniforms for each game. I guess that outweighs the Disney cartoon mascot... which is actually Donald Duck and he wears the same uniform for each game. :D
  12. My wife's family is in Grand Island, Lincoln & Omaha. Few other states literally STOP EVERYTHING like when the Huskers play. You may only have one pony but it's a good one historically, and makes for rabid fans.
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  13. Was he stealing SEC recruits?
  14. All the other animals drown from all the rain. The duck was all that was left.
  15. How about a Fighting Blue Hen from the University of Delaware? A little nastier is the Gamecock of South Carolina...Go Co***!
  16. Or the University of Hawaii.... "Rainbow Warriors" :rolleyes:

    "We got beat by a.... a... rainbow today."
  17. So what about Baldwin from ESU? I don't think UW will look at him, but maybe they should. I reahd that he has been consistent is growing teams into contenders at every level he's coached at. He just hasn't been at Div. 1. Yet. Don James wasn't all that well known when he came to WA from that powerhouse of Kent State.
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  18. You said it better than I did, or at least added more "weight" to the argument.

    Yeah, where were all these big name coaches, before they were....well, big names? Baldwin has more than proved he can step up to the job. However, I think UW wants a "flash in the pan" name for the boosters. Personally, I hope he doesn't go. I think EWU is heading to the National title game.... again! (hopefully) :D
  19. David,
    "STOP EVERYTHING"? I ...there's not much left to do in Nebraska after the corn has been harvested - except watch football... :D
  20. I seen a bit of Sarkision's speech on the tube last night. Now I don't know much about the guy or even UW football but I heard him say something along the lines of "I came to USC to win championships." Didn't the dickhead say the same thing when he came to Washington? And how many championships did he win? It is all about the money. Which is why I don't pay much attention to college football anymore. The next guy will say he is here to win some championships until someone offers him more money. Then he is gone.
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