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  1. :p

    Isn't that the best when they say stuff like that?! What are they going to say, "Well, I wasn't happy at my last job, cause the kids were a bunch of pansies. I came here to XYZ Univ to prove that I CAN babysit a bunch of high school Prima Donnas."
  2. Yeah, and what's your point? (Just kidding, of course.)

    It's worth remembering that except for those at private schools like Stanford and USC, the head coaches at the Pac 12 state schools are almost always among their state's highest-paid employees. If empty promises are what it takes to get a paycheck that size and you and I had the same skillsets as Sark, Leaf, Shaw or Mora, we'd probably be exaggerating about winning championships too. (Well, I would at least!)

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  3. Okay, that is a weird one!
  4. It's probably not good to make comparisons, but his predecessor didn't do too well when he made the jump to Divsion I.
  5. Baldwin won't be the next UW coach. Book it.

    I'm rooting hard for the Spartans!
  6. It's hard for most here probably to understand (including me) how hard it is to get a Nebraska farmer out of his fields or barn. I've been told that there's only one event that will do that. And no, it isn't sex.
    Obviously I don't know a lot about farming. I would bet that today though, the more successful farmers are riding in a GPS machine controlled & programmed combine, plow or tractor, with the heat and TV on. "Yup honey, I'll be in for dinner." The other half is probably working their ass off to make ends meet.
  7. Ah, that might be because of where he went to. Just a guess... :confused:

    No, I don't think he will be either. Doesn't mean he couldn't do it.
  9. Did you just hi-jack my quote? Shame on you! :p
  10. Could be worse, at least it's not a friggen tree.

  11. I'd take a tree, over a rainbow any day.
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  12. The USC blogs were hot the last couple of days. After reading them it looks like a 90% negative on the hire. The guy's at SC know Sark. Looks like they wanted his offensive co.instead. Well they got them both now. Take a look at SB Nation and the SC fans good stuff !!!!
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  13. Sark leaving for the Trojans shouldn't be a surprise, as soon as they showed Kiffin the door I knew Sark was gone. He should be commended for the job he did for the Huskies, taking over a program that was in shambles: the worst team in Division 1 football. He did not meet mine and many others expectations, but has built a solid program for the next coach. It should have been Mora instead of Sark, but Jim was busy screwing up the Seahawks! He should have stayed coaching college ball, which is where he excells. If we don't get an ex Husky, this will happen again and again. I don't think we will ever find someone close to Coach James, loyal to the end. RIP.
  14. Firing neuheisal cursed the huskies
  15. Good analysis Fred. Ever since Don James left, the head coach position at Montlake has been a revolving door. I think the 'faithful' contribute to that with a collective impatience that demands a national-championship caliber team after a couple-year honeymoon.

    The reality of college ball is that success depends on recruiting, which depends on the perception of the strength of the program, its coaching staff, and its record and trend line. It's probably a sign of the times and our collective impatience and need for instant gratification, but I don't think Vince Lombardi could come to UW today and satisfy some fans' irrational demands for success in just a few years.

  16. Sorry, but I believe hiring B. Hedges who almost gave Rick a Bjob during the press conference was the real curse!! You will never change my mind on that one, went to my first Husky game 53 years ago.
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  17. Neuheisal was such a good coach and actually a good guy. Just got caught up in some bullshit...and shouldn't have lied about the 49ers interview. Sark was already essentially signed by USC the week after Kiffin was fired. Sleezey shit.

    Oh well. We are just stuck in that coaches stepping stone stage. Storied program where coaches can come, be okay, then dart to the promise lands.
  18. Ok, I will honor your opinion, but never agree with it. He took Willingham's team and did OK for 2 years, but blew it on recruiting. Had a chance to build a solid future, but ignored the big boys on both sides of the line and went after backs and receivers. I will refrain from expressing what I think of his character, for that would do no good, and would be contrary from what I have posted about others doing the same. Why is he not at his alma mater coaching anymore?
  19. To be fair, Sark pulled in possibly the 3 best recruits in UW history....miles, stringfellow, shaq thompson

    Granted he bought shaq from cal by hiring that coach for $500k but still. Those 3 kids could have started in the SEC as freshman
  20. You mean during "your" history...
    In all due respect at 26 years young - you never saw the best in UW history...

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