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  1. Hence the word possibly...those kids were all top 20 HS players in the nation by many scouts, with shaq being one of the top 5.

    Turning a recruit into a good player is a whole different ball game. I was just responding to the comment about Sark blowing it on recruiting, which was an unfair assessment in my opinion.
  2. Golfman, you need to re-read my post in question: I was responding to the post about Neheisel!! Obviously Sark did not take over Willinghams team...that would be the Rickster!
  3. I'll have to politely disagree with your comments about Neuheial. I bet the Colorado alumni were glad to see him go. He won with McCartney's players and CU started its downward trend when they left or completed their eligibility.

    He didn't last long at UCLA and he's part of that family.
  4. Sark did take over Willinghams winless squad. Neuhiesal took over for Jim Lambright.
  5. Sark took over willinghams team....
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  6. Very true...he had a rough go at UCLA. I felt bad for him.
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  7. I feel bad for the way it turned out for Benedict Arnold too.

    To put a finer point on it, Neuweasel seemed to have a hard time telling the truth and doing the right thing. His actions always seemed to underscore a basic conviction that everything in his orbit was somehow put there to benefit him and him alone. Karma can be a real bitch.

  8. Strange behavoir for someone with a law degree.:D

    "Karma can be a real bitch."

    Yeah, but he won't go away. I turn on the TV, and find that he's now an analyst for FOX. Of course, he only makes $300,000 for that gig, buy that's not bad money for a job with no responsibilities or expectations.
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  9. One problem is all the Husky fans want the UW to hire another Don James to take us back to where we were but there was only one Don James. While Sark got the program out of the cellar that Willingham took us and I appreciate that, he is no Don James. Whoever they get as head coach, it should be a pretty enticing position; new stadium, inheriting a good team, large fan base, a proud and historical program, not to mention a very competitive salary. I wish them the best in this year's bowl and will be rooting for them hopefully for the next 30 years like I have for the past 30 years.
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  10. Of course he did, my apologies.
  11. Coach Peterson appears to have accepted the UW job!!!! if so that is very good news.
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  12. Peterson is a good hire.
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  13. Kent, a perfect assessment of his outlook! If Coach Peterson has accepted this position, Husky Nation should be rejoicing!!
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  14. My father in law was a halfback at Boise Junior College in 1955 and 1956 and has been close to the Bronco program ever since. He's not a happy camper this morning at the prospect of the team losing its winningest coach ever. But Boise's loss will be UWs gain.

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  15. Peterson has an incredible record, and they beat a lot of Division I schools along the way. Looks like a good hire for the Husky program.
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  16. Coach Pete was Stanford's first choice after Harbaugh left but they couldn't come to terms, paving they way for David Shaw. UCLA offered Peterson $5.5 million to come to LA but Peterson couldn't abide Southern California, so the job went to Mora instead. UW is damned lucky to land him.

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  17. Including Oregon - twice!

  18. Peterson is a major upgrade from Sark.
    Great hire Dawgs!
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  19. Peterson and Cano on the same day...big names coming to town.
  20. This could be a great fit. I think this was the right move, but I've been wrong before.

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