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  1. I think this hire brings a lot of stabilty to the UW program. While Peterson talked to other schools while at BSU, he never pulled the trigger.
    He contacted the UW AD and made it known he wanted the Husky job. That speaks volumes with me. I hope he has a long successful tenure as the coach of the Dawgs.
    While no coach will ever replace Don James legacy, Peterson has a great chance to create his own legacy.
    Going outside the Husky family of Mora and Pinkel was a good move as well in my opinion. Both would have been excellent choices, but the Husky fans would have expected the same results Coach James delivered.
    It is a great day to be a Husky.
    Now I hope Peterson can retain Justin Wilcox as our DC. I've heard he may be in position to be the next head coach at Boise State.
    If he does end up there, I think he'll make a fine head coach for the Broncos.
  2. As a UI Vandal grad, I will glady help back his bags and get him out of the state of Idaho!
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  3. Glad to see this hire, especially since I predicted it earlier in the week. But especially glad that Peterson didn't whore-out and go to some SEC school which is the football equivalent of a free agent signing a big contract with the Yankees.

    Peterson will no doubt be a formidable foe for other PAC 12 coaches and should raise the bar for competition in the conference. With the Sonics gone and the Mariners in free fall (it will take more than $240 mil to patch that boat!) this hire is a glimmer of hope for the NW.

  4. It may take a few years, but hopefully.....
  5. Ive, Kent, & Stobefish; all good points you have made. This Husky squad has a lot of talent and had Stanford beat, imagine how good we would have felt going 9-3 and beating a top 10 team. Outside of Peterson being an excellent coach, right now the most important point is name recognition for recruiting. Usually there is a loss of top recruits in a coaches first year for many reasons that are obvious. I don't think that is going to happen to Peterson and the Huskies, in fact I believe{ hope, really} that the opposite will be true...time will tell and I do feel sorry for BSU because some recruits will follw him. This is the best I have felt about our future in more than a deade. Go Dawgs!
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  6. Funny thing is, ever since I heard the word, all I can thing of is
    HOOK AND LADDER PLAY. Just sticks in my mind. A coach that
    could pull that off in a title game, well, he has some balls.

    I'm happy.
  7. 'Zactly! Besides being at the helm of a BSU team that cracked the BCS top 10 many times over the past decade, he also had two teams that were unbeaten, a feat that very few other schools can claim, (although fat lot of good THAT did the Broncos in terms of getting them to the national championship game.) Both should help UW's recruiting efforts immensely.

  8. It's a good day Maynard !!!!!

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