NFR For the cat haters out there...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. My neighbor's cats used to enjoy a little Frisky's and antifreeze before they crapped in my garden/flower beds, but I don't see them much anymore....
    (just kidding) :D
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  2. I'll bet......................
  3. The picture with the "Free Cat" sign reminded me of something from my past. About 20 years back, when I was at a friend's house, her 4-year old daughter walked in dragging a dead cat, well flattened by passing traffic, by the tail. She said to her mom, "Look, Mom! Somebody threw away a perfectly good cat!"
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  4. I always worry a bit about men who profess to really hate cats; what are they trying to compensate for? Only women like cats? Sorta like the homophobe that goes berserk when that subject comes up...and ends up being outed at a rest stop bathroom.

    I like cats, dogs, and most every kind of critter. Animals have a purity no human could ever hope to attain.

    While my grandfather was an ass-kicking manly man who never hesitated to use his fists to settle a dispute with an offensive human (and lived in an age when that was actually possible), he loved animals...especially dogs, horses, and cats. In fact, if he caught somebody abusing one, it was a surefire way to trigger an ass-kicking.

    As a cattleman he wouldn't stand for abuse of livestock either. He knew we needed to kill to survive, but unnecessary suffering was disrespectful to something that sustained your life....and he was the same way about wild game.

    He had a theory about why some people hate cats...they're the same people who need others to suck up to them. Cats just don't do that....and for that...he respected them.
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  5. I'm in awe Krusty, quite the different perspective in fact I like myself even more, thanks.
  6. On my screen there is an advertisement for in home pet Euthanasia. Oh well! Love most animals but never felt much love for cats. Would never hurt one, Good thing as I wouldn't want an ass whipping by Krusty's dad.
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  7. I only like certain cats, only the ones that have enthusiasm.
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