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  1. We do have a few pages for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing on Facebook. Makes it easier to keep up to date on the programs. So here are a few handy groups/fan pages to follow.

    National level group. Has a wide scope on the program nationwide.!/groups/51824909345/?ap=1

    The NW fanpage, focusing alot on the Ft Lewis WTB, but goes throughout the NW.!/pages/Project-Healing-Waters-Fly-Fishing-Northwest-Region/153188298043098

    Lastly, the NW PHWFF 2 Fly group. Once a year, but if we do updates, this is where you'll find it first. Plus you can view pictures of previous events.!/groups/nwphwff2flyevent/?ap=1

    There are a few misc group pages. Can search for them. But these are the 3 main pages that'll keep you up to date with the program. :)
  2. Thanks for posting these links!

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