Article For those who quit peeing in the shower....

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  1. So, you must be blind by now.....right?! :D
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  2. Well, my eyes are not what they use to be, so I can't completely rule it out, but if it causes blindness it's a slow process and it definitely takes more than 25 times to go completely blind.
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  3. Dude! The first time I ever ate that one warned me about your pee smell later. I thought my guts were rotting. :eek:
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  4. Jerry: "What about you Kramer, do you pee in the shower?" Kramer: "I take baths."
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  5. This thread is positive proof that the One Word Contest is not only insanely fun, but good therapy for some who are clearly near the precipice. :D
  7. Kramer like being in the shower so much that he prepared his meals there. He even installed a garbage disposal in the drain.:)
  8. I agree.
    I had a guy 20+ years ago come up to me at the boat launch and tell me he didn't like watching me piss in his lake. I asked him why he was looking at me? He said he couldn't believe i would be so rude to piss in the lake. I started laughing at him and he said he was serious. I told him i will take it one step further and be pissed( pun intended) if i notice him staring at me next time i am out here pissing in the lake. He told me he will just call the cops next time. Then i really laughed and he was so red faced he stomped away calling me a punk ass kid blah blah blah. He got back in his car and drove half way around the lake to his home on the water. . OH well, i dont eat lake fish, but if i did, they would be that much sweeter.:)
  9. This is nothing new. All hardcore cold water surfers know that you must pee in your suit whenever you go surfing, so that it will run down into your booties, preventing any fungal growth there. If you go surfing several times per week, the surf booties never get an opportunity to fully dry out, so they must be regularly doused, as a preventative measure.

    Weekend warriors may not be aware of this problem, nor its solution.
  10. As a rebellious youth I peed in the shower at home all the time. A few years later I stopped doing it when I realized nobody cared as I was peeing in a shower at my own home...
  11. Plus you get warmed up for about 20 seconds
  12. search and rescue up here mentioned to me one day that a good percentage of fishermen they have to pull out of lakes have their flys thinks it best to pee in bailer then dump and rinse.....:)
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  13. I agree. I will bring along brand new, never-before-used "bailers" for anyone else that fishes with me on my john boat. I usually have a couple of spares along. I don't loan out my personal bailer.:D

    And, if you use the bailer (usually a poly milk jug with the top opening cut larger), you get to keep it and take it with you after we return to the launch!
  14. In my boat we share everything except my lunch...
  15. It's very necessary if your wife is showering with you.
  16. It's all pipes, what's the difference?

  17. Good point!
  18. Yup, with a nod and an apology to George Thorogood, "I poop alone, with nobody else. When I poop alone, I prefer to be by myself."

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