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  1. This is not fishing related, but this is the Washington Fishing Forum so I am sure there are many of you out there just like me. Those of you who are not Seahawk fans can just move on to another thread. I am getting nauseous because I am so excited and nervous about the game on Sunday. I am sitting here trying to work, with the 710ESPN feed coming through the computer, and all I can do is switch between web pages looking for the latest on the game. I was in high school in eastern WA when the Seahawks were created and we would make the drive to Cheney several times each summer to watch training camp. In college, no matter how rough of night we had, a group of us would get together and make pancakes and watch the Hawks. We would also make a game a year in the kingdome because a buddy's parents had season tickets. Funny thing is that the team we hated the most was the Broncos because they were in our division and Elway was so doggone good. That was 30+ years ago and my spouse and I still plan our Sundays in the fall around the Seahawks game. So here we are in the Super Bowl with a chance to beat the Broncos again. Sure, we were in it back in 2005, but it feels different to me this time. Not only are we good, we are kicking a## on other teams, and I don't want to jinx us, but I think we may actually win. That is what scares me! Some people may say get a life. I do have a good life. I am on the Clearwater and Snake 2-4 days a week during the fall swinging for steelhead, hitting Rocky Ford now until lakes open later, then spend summers camped in N.ID and W. MT. I have a wonderful spouse and we have three great dogs. But this is the Super Bowl and I have been waiting 35+ years for Hawks to be Super Bowl champs. Sunday cannot get here fast enough. Go Hawks!
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  2. Lol. I worked in Bremerton when the Sonics won. I followed the Mariners & Sonics and met Jim Zorn. Enjoy! In 1977, I bought a 'Hawks jersey that said: "Seattle Seahawks -- 1979 Superbowl Champions." I still have it.
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  3. Well, there hasn't been many Super Bowl repeat appearances (win or lose) for a while now, (Pat's '04 & '05) so for you and the Hawk fans, I hope they win.

    Before that, you have to go back to '91-'94 with the Buffalo Bills.

    It should be noted though, that the Hawks are a pretty young team aren't they? So maybe they have a couple more title shots in them if they need it.
  4. Got my Hawk's hat on. Thinking good thoughts.

    If they don't win on Sunday, (bite your tongue, Charlie) there will be a lot of long faces on Monday. My wife just informed me that she needs a tee shirt. LOL
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  5. A man after my own heart!! I'm a little younger 37 so was born the year after the entered the league but I grew up watching the hawks. I am a big fan and the only thing I will miss a game to do is fly fish and them it better not be important and needs to be a really good spot I'm going to, like the joe! I'm with you it was funny after we beat the 9ers I could hardly sleep I was so excited and can't even think of how the players must have felt! And like you, even though we got robbed, this team feels different then the 2005 team! I feel like we have a ton of talent and on both sides of the ball. Sunday can't get here soon enough. I'm from Spokane and have only made one game it was two years ago with my mom and can't wait to get back to another one! I hope the win but win lose or draw I'm a hawk fan for life!!
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  6. I don't know why everyone is worried. HAWKS by 14!
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  7. While in Bremerton, several events contributed to a “chance of a lifetime,” lol. A Datsun dealer in Seattle had a few 280 Z’s stenciled with the Seahawk logo down each side; I bought one from a fella who was going thru an ugly divorce. I played softball for the Interlude Tavern in Bremerton. I’m left-handed; at the time, I was “lighter” than today (I was a gym rat & I ran a lot). I also wore contact lenses at that time. I had played on the PSNS Shop 56 basketball team the previous year, we had a great season, and took the Yard championship handily.
    So . . . after detailing my Z on a sunny Saturday, I drove over to the Interlude to BS with Ray (the owner & our team sponsor, who obviously knew me.). I parked in front of the tavern bay window. As I entered, Ray said “Hi, Jim! Soda?” Before I could answer, one of the only two guys at the bar said “I’ll get that!” I thanked him and sat down.
    The guy then told his friend, “I told you it was him!” They moved down and proceeded with a discussion filled with glowing praise . . . “We saw all of your games last year,” “You guys had a great season, man you were great, etc.” In my naivety, I assumed they were referring to the Yard B-ball team, until I noticed Ray trying to suppress a grin at which point I caught-on. When I started to leave, the other fella offered to buy me another soda, tho I declined. But . . . before I departed, I grabbed a pen & bar napkin, wrote “Good for premium seating,” and gave it to the guys; I signed it “Jim Zorn.“ “Just turn this in at the gate; the guys will take care of you.” Then I left.
    A few days later, I stopped by the Interlude. As Ray brought me my root beer, he said, “That was mean, you know.” “Probably, Ray, but it was too good to pass-up. I would love to be there when they try to redeem that napkin. Who knows; maybe it will work.”
    Go ‘Hawks!
  8. While I don't understand the strong feelings that various team affinities evoke in people, I sincerely hope you Seahawk fans enjoy a decisive victory...untainted by claims of bad calls.....some lasting measure of satisfaction, and eventual recovery from the post-game hangovers!
  9. This was the third comment on that page. I never saw it as a kid, but I heard it was nasty!

    Does anyone remember what happened the game before with the Broncos?

    #31 took Largent out with a very nasty hit. With the play you just showed the talk of the town was Largent laid him out with the ultimate pay back!!
  10. It will probably be a close game and the sea chickens will probably win it in the like they did it all year long. In the last five minutes of the game. They seem to perk up when the game is on the line.
  11. I'm not a chicken fan, but will be rootingfor them. I will be making ribs and possibly drinking whiskey. Anyone know a good lawyer?

    Go Sox,
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  12. Born raised Seattle! 48 years of rooting for the Seahawks, when was stationed in Chicago but lived in Indiana got a lot of friends rooting for Seahawks. I also support them win or loose, just love football but rather love to see them win!

    This weekend I will be sitting in my own home watching the game all decked out in my seahawks gear! Having what happened to me after their last game has made me change what I wear in public. I will always support my team, but just more cautious or what I wear and where I wear it.

    Hawks will win!

  13. I went to the lumber yard this afternoon and stopped by the grocery store on the way home to insure against the possibility of running out of chips and dip and other snack foods tomorrow. Won't run out of margaritas or beer tho; well supplied.

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  14. did you manage to root for the Seahawks for 48 years? They played their first game in 1976....

    Just kidding...I know it was an excited typo...hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
  15. I couldn't help myself as I was due for some new line. I like to think it helped me land my first fish in a month yesterday.
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  16. This morning was an absolute bashing the Seahawks on 710
  17. It gets settled on the field soon. All the rest of the chatter don't matter!
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  18. Broncos by 10.
  19. " bout that action Boss"
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