NFR For WA residents, I feel like I am going to throw up

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  1. The hit by Stev Largent was incredible. But on an earlier play, James Hardin leveled Largent so hard that he (Largent) had two teeth knocked out. Payback is a bitch. Go Hawks!
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  2. Five keys to today's game from NPR's sports guy, Mike Pesca:
    • Peyton Manning's brain is the most valuable organ in sports. The Denver quarterback changes plays at the line of scrimmage and will always find the defense's weakness.
    • The Seattle defense might not have a weakness. They're the best in football; the Broncos offense hasn't faced a unit remotely as good as the Seattle defense.
    • The Seattle defense hasn't faced a unit remotely as good as the Denver offense.
    • The Denver defense, though beset by injury, played well against the Patriots and also against the Chargers for about three-quarters of a game.
    • Seattle's quarterback, Russell Wilson, threw the ball less than any other QB with at least 12 starts; therefore his wide receivers had paltry numbers. But they almost never drop the ball, and they lead the league in yards per catch. In other words, the Seattle offense is secretly pretty good.
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  3. Pedestrian wide receivers. That's what Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter says the Seattle wide receivers are, pedestrian.

    Let 'em walk, Marshawn run, Russell throw and the Legion of Boom lay the lumber. The pundits don't mean shit.
  4. The pundits couldn't a been much further off regarding this first half.
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  5. Well I sure feel better now! Go Hawks!
  6. Did anyone throw up? Denver got blown up!
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  7. Denver was a speed bump at the end of the season. The Niners game 2 weeks ago was a LOT better - and much tougher.

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  8. I think I like what the NFC West has to offer. Games in my timezone that are tough and often go down to the wire. Right now almost every one of those teams could represent, Seattle, San Francisco, Arizona and even St. Louis. Lots of talent, lots of youth, not a bad problem to have. The survivor of a season in that conference should be well tested and prepared for the playoffs for years to come.
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  9. Damn they didnt even score 10! I will make sure to to take winning loto numbers from u!!!
  10. Heh heh...What a train wreck! I think this is the fifth time I've watched them lose a Superbowl by being blown out...starting to get used to it.
  11. Who's going to the prade?? I am going to drive over from Spokane
  12. Gonna be crazy....I'm thinking 200k plus
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  13. I am one block from 4th Ave (I'm on 5th and Pike).
    I'll be attending what I can
  14. Wait! They are saying 350K now.....oh my, gonna be more than crazy!

  15. How in the world do "they" know this?

    And who is "they"? I know that I'm one of "them", but I can't ever find one of those "they" people. :confused:
  16. Seattle Police Dept/ City of Seattle preparing for 500K now, via king news and seattle times. It just gets bigger and bigger!
  17. People coming from Spokane, Vancouver, Parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon.

    Can you imagine this? x 10 ? :eek: Below 1979 Sonic celebration.


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