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  1. I've seen the Force Fin sizing chart, but it seems a bit "off" to me. I realize the wording is clear on suggested sizes, but was hoping someone here can confirm the size reference.

    If I have a boot size 11 (and plan on wearing my boots), do I really need fins in XXXL?
  2. Dave,
    I have size 13 dogs and wear a pair of booties. XXL size in the old non-adjustable style work fine for me.
  3. I'm assuming that's booties over your already neoprene feet? (from the waders)
  4. Like some fly rods, Sage LL and Winston IIX's for example, most people don't want to part from them. They must be worth the price...
  5. Yes, booties over stocking foot waders.....and force fins are well worth the price of admission.
  6. What about the adjustable ones?
  7. I saw those, but the overall consensus is that the non adjustable ones are more efficient. (less wasted energy when kicking)
  8. Huh? They are the same blade, just the upper is different, I thought.
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  9. Gosh, I've been using FFs for over a decade as have most of my friends. The notion of an efficiency deicit, especially in the adjustables, comes as a surprise to me. My adjustables fit tightly with no 'wobble' or motion that might reduce energy transmission.

    FWIW, I've bought and sold several pairs of FFs (although I'm still using my original adjustables) and have found that the non-adjustables simply don't work with conventional wading boots. Since the non-adjustables are, well, not adjustable, in my limited experience there's more room in them for your feet to wobble than in the non-adjustables, especially if you're not wearing wading boots.

    Finally, since it's trapped air between your socks and wader feet that keep you warm, squeezing my feet into booties and then into fixed-size fins squeezes those insulating air pockets, reducing insulation, and making my feet feel colder.

    I'll stick with wading boots and my adjustable FFs thanks.

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  10. As usual, I'm a weird duck. I bought a pair of Force Fins and hated them. They were the adjustable style and from what I've been told by those who love the things, they work just as well as the non-adjustable style and are... well, adjustable to fit your feet.

    Over the last couple of decades, 90% of my flyfishing is done on stillwaters. I've tried a number of fins and am still sold on the full-foot scuba style. I don't wear wading boots while fishing stillwaters because I don't need the extra weight on my feet.

    The problem I had with the Force Fins isn't really logical. They fit fine and all that and they did work but not as well as I expected. The problem I had is they gave me leg cramps.
    I have no idea why.

    I found that when I used my full foot scuba type fins my legs did not cramp. When I used the Force Fins they did. So I sold them.

    Like I said, it isn't logical but for me, it was a fact.

    However, a lot of folks love the product and I can't see where the adjustable style would be any less effective at propelling you through the water than the non-adjustable style. If you don't think you can live without Force Fins, buy the adjustable style.
  11. Dave
    For size 11 to 13 or so I'd suggest xxl FFs and xxl rubber soles dive booties over stocking foot waders. Very comfortable, and clean (no snag) in the water. Wearing boots while finning a lake seems clunky and uncomfortable IMO.
    The dive booties are somewhat sacrificial but will last a long time. I get them here (Seattle) at Underwater Sports. If you'd like help getting a pair let me know.
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    Check these out. I used these fins when I was a rescue swimmer in the Navy. Stiff and powerful, they're made to be used with a straight leg kick with no bending of the knees. I never used them with a pontoon or float tube, but I always thought they'd work well because of the power. I've seen some guys using fins that were ridiculiously wimpy for pushing around a pontoon or float tube. The Rocket fins would definitely be more power than the Force fins but the one issue may be leg strength. You do need to work a little harder to push fins that are as stiff as the Rockets. The tradeoff is you have a lot more power at your disposal when you need it, like finning against the wind.
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  13. I use Simms waders, a neoprene bootie (Glacier Glove), have a 11.5 to 12 size foot and I need XXL Force Fins. They are snug but comfortable with that setup.
  14. Okay, I may have to rethink the adjustable type. Great info guys, thank you.

    Jerry, that's the kind of info I was looking for. However, I'm starting to wonder if I want to even wear boots after those last few posts...? :confused:
  15. I have the adjustable as well. They are a pain to get on and off and you get less force. You need them if you wear real wading boots or boot foot waders. I got them for winter fishing with the boot foot waders.

    The Glacier glove booties are like dive boots, they have some protection on the soles. You wouldn't hike in them but they are good to get between the truck and the lake in most conditions. Anything like that works fine and provides a little warmth.

    I think you want something over the wader booties to prevent wear. I use a polyester sock (very large size) then booties and have had no wear issues. A friend who doesn't has the issue.

  16. You bring up a great point. WEAR on boot or shoes. I used the adjustable for about 10 years (still in great shape). I like the idea of Neoprene next to my Simms boot. No wear at all. Not sure what you mean by pain, put foot in and clip top. I NOW use Omega fins and actually trying to get that rubber heel strap over my boots in a seat position is more taxing.
    One thing I did notice about Force Fins, I were s size 8 or a mans 7 so I had a lot of the fin and they worked great although weighing a lot. My hubby wears a size 12 and there was very little fin showing after sticking his boot in.
    Omega's have won me over hands down. I love the longer scuba style fin. You can actually move on the up and the down stroke. Can't do that with FF. You barely have to move your feet with Scuba Fins. BUT, if you love Force Fins you would definitely have to try Scuba for a couple of days as it takes that long to learn you don't have to power the fin, just slightly move your foot.
  17. Ive used FF for years and have both.My feet would get sore and tired in the non-adjusts, so I bought adjustables and have loved them for years.My son wears the old ones now and put some miles on them at Chopaka last weekend with no prob.He is a sz 9, xl fins, and just aqua sox for booties.I have the same dive booties ive used for years. Id like to know why the price of non-adjustables has gone through the roof and not for the others?? I put tethers on for my boy incase they came off his feet. Never know with a 12 year 2cents
  18. Supply and Demand... That's why the adjustable ones are more $$$. People really want them so they can charge more because folks are willing to pay more.
  19. The adjustable are the cheaper of the float tube fins though.
  20. You are right! I'm not sure I was looking at the right thing before.

    I stand corrected, thank you! I went back and looked at my searches, and I think I may have been comparing the original scuba ones... not sure...:confused:

    Thanks for clarifying that for me (us). :)

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