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  1. Well, depending on where you drive...could be fishing related...but I digress. Any of the forum members who are long time Ford Explorer owners made the conversion to the 2011+ model years? We're in the market for a newer one but the wife doesn't like the new style (which is on the Ford Flex frame as opposed to the Ranger chassis). Many of the recent year models (also been looking at Escapes) have significantly less window visibility and bad blind spots. Reports suggest the new models ride more car like and the engine is an improvement on gas mileage. We have not test driven the new style just because the design...keying in on a 2010... recommendations?
  2. Trust your wife. I think the new ones are dreadful, they have sacrificed utility for style the same as the Escape. One of the better cars in that segment that you may not have considered is the new Durango. It is built on the excellent Mercedes G and M chassis and is a honey to drive and handle. The new ones come with the superb new Pentastar DOHC V-6 or a fire breathing V-8 Hemi. Both have 8 speed transmissions, high towing capacity and it looks like a real purposeful vehicle where the Explorer and Escape manage to look like something you would ride at an amusement park.

    As a multiple Explorer owner I really wanted to like the new one. The first one I sat in was $46K and I could hardly see out of it. I drove both the Ex and the Durango on the same day recently and if you could do that and tell me with a straight face that you prefer the Explorer I would be amazed.

    Shop around, I think that even the new Nissan Pathfinder which is no longer an SUV but a CUV like Explorer might even be better. I'm a long time Ford guy(first car a '41 Close Coupe) but with the Ranger being killed off they no longer sell a product that I would buy. Wouldn't mind having a cherry '10 Explorer with the V-8 and 6 speed though!

  3. Ive; I agree.
    The older Explorer had everything we wanted - including towing capacity for our travel trailer (as long as you got the V-8 with tow package - and the '09 model had anti sway built in!). The new one looks like something out of a Star Wars movie - and doesn't tow well.
    Our '01 Toyota Tundra has been great, but getting up there in mileage...
    If you find a cherry one w/low mileage let me know!
  4. That's interesting. I have always thought the Explorer as a vehicle with significant engineering and styling shortcomings.

    But I think the new one looks awesome. Reminds me of the Range Rover Evoque (which is, apparently a bit of a mechanical basket case). And is has a 4WD system that has been heavily poached from the Land Rover lineage of the engineers and designers working on the new explorer. With trailer breaks and the tow package the new one is rated at 5,000# of towing. For a rig this small, it seems like plenty.

    Anyway, take it for what it is, I have never owned an explorer. But I have rode in many :D
  5. Anyone currently have or had the V8 engine? Found a ultra clean Eddie Bauer, but see mixed reviews on the 4.6L V8 and transmission. Plus side is that many say the later 4.0L are a bit under-powered and the V8 more than makes up for that and gives up little in mpg. Downside is transmission tends to have more issue. :confused:
  6. Actually, the V-8 with the 6 speed auto had higher mileage ratings than the V-6 with the 5 speed. Makes sense-2 more cylinders and more torque to move the weight. It doesn't work as hard to pull the same load.

    The transmission I am unsure of. Most people never bother to flush the torque converter then seem surprised that the tranny fails early. On my old '94 Ram they said the trannys were garbage and would fail after 70-80K miles. I towed a 5th wheel with it for 16 years, flushed often and at 140,000 miles and 20 years have had no problems yet.

    I grew up around aircraft and aircraft maintenance though so I think a little different than the average car owner. We never waited for something to crash before doing preventive maintenance.


  7. Chrysler will be awesome for 50-60k until the valve seats drop out of it. That's a shame, because I agree, they're loads of fun to drive.
  8. Take a look at the Explorer sport '13/'14 model years. It has the 3.5 twin turbo ecoboost in it with 365 horse power; plenty to tow with and a more hp than the previous V8. Last I heard they are very capable off road too with the "poached" AWD system from Land Rover. I don't have one but my wife and I have had our eye on the sport version. Only downside to me is the price, they are spendy and at $50K are getting into the range of the European models. A buddy of mine had the old Explorer and that vehicle did not hold up too well to abuse, I guess we'll see how this one fares in few years.
  9. Oh, we've looked and thankfully (for my wallet), my wife does not like the new style and blind spots. I do hear the new engine is the cats meow, so for those that like the latest lines and can get over the sticker shock, it promises to be a good package. We're looking for a 2007-2010 Eddie Bauer or Limited to replace our 1998 XLT.

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