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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. I have never fished such a frustrating water in my life. Thank goodness for meeting up with old friends and a couple of new ones. I met pwoens, Daddy-O, Ty, and Jditto on Saturday. Daddy-O says that Patrick has it dialed in, and if he caught as many as was rumored, he does.
    One thing for sure, he ties some mean scuds. I got some on a trade for rod building tools, and if Patrick make rods like he ties flies, they will kick butt! Thanks again Patrick.

    Tell 'em how you did at the Ford.


    Truth above all
  2. I got to admit, the best part about the Ford last saturday was not the fishing, rather the awesome gift I received from a truly genuine individual. I have begun using it and it is awesome. Thanks for everything Rick.

    Also we got to meet jditto and ty...these fellas are some die-hard keep fishing no-matter-what bs here. It was great to meet both of you. :thumb

    As for the sucked this weekend ;(. I only brought 4 to hand and lost 1. Nothing after 9:30 in the morning either. Its time to move on and start the hunt for the steelhead that dont exist ;-)

    Here's the only pic that Daddy-O snapped off...he supposedly snapped off the other pic's...but when I got home they didnt exist. I think he just said he got the picture, but in reality he didnt even take it....freakin bum }(

    ~Patrick ><>
  3. it really was a pleasure to meet such famous and cool guys as patrick,roper,ty and more. i think patrick may have been the only one to land a fish. i foul hooked 1 each day and landed them but i cant really count them. :bawling any way roper you missed a cold night. near 20 degrees but the stars were bright. looking forward to another. by the way, if patrick and yourself dont mind, send a pick of the mean scuds.i am curious if the ones i tied might be the wrong color. jer
  4. I've fished the Ford several times since I began fly fishing last summer. I've found the good fishing is early morning, just before dark, and even after dark. I showed up about 4:30 Saturday after fishing that afternoon at Buffalo Lake. Using a white wooly bugger I had one break off and another toss the hook just before dark.
  5. Pat, is that some kind of smolt? C'mon, when are you going to catch a hog?

  6. Patrick,

    Are you up to that (photgraphically speaking) or should I handle the request?


    Truth above all
  7. It was nice to get out and do some fishing at a new place with some new faces. Although i didnt manage to catch anything it was still nice to be there. It was nice meeting some of the guys from the site (pwoens, Daddy-O, jditto and Roper) and i look forward to more trips and more new faces.

    Thanks for giving me the ride down there guys!!!

    Ive got a full 2 1/2 days of fishin at the ford this weekend, so the odds should be slightly better. We'll see if i cant show my buddies from kent how its done!! ;-)


    Fish On!!! :thumb
  8. Sorry I missed it, I can't imagine how you gents got along without myself or Rowdy?;) anyway, I heard the ford was packed this weekend. Yes, I have spy's. So pwoens, where is this magic scud? I have a pattent on them, so don't make you sue you for infringement!:smokin YT
  9. So YT, did you do any fishing this weekend? ;-) }(
  10. Rick...your the camera man...I will leave it to you since your camera has a zoom. Actually I should post a pic with my 2x zoom...that way no one could really see the fly and thus our secret would not be revealed..LOL.

    ~Patrick ><>
  11. Sorry I had to miss it. There always seem to be good socializing when this group gets together, even if the fish don't get the word. Sounds like next time will be the show. Bart
  12. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I would like to go over there and get in on all of this good fishing. And as for using Scuds,I have some that were tied up special for the "Ford by a Eastern Washington fly fisher. I just don't like driving all that way by my lonesome. I have the time but don't like the drive.

  13. Anyone know if you can park a trailer in the lots around Rockyford? If my job gets any slower I might as well consider myself unemployed. Thanks, jbrodie. P.S. it is a 19 footer.:beer1
  14. No problem at all as far as the trailer goes, unless your talking mobile home trailer, then someone might say something ;) . I saw the same RV there two weekends in a row, so???
    ~Patrick ><>
  15. Thanks, jbrodie. If my job, or lack of job allows me to head east I'll post and would have room for someone if they would like to go for a few days.:smokin

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