Found - Fly Rod and Reel on the Upper Yakima

Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by Derek Young, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Found a rod and reel on the Yakima yesterday, upper section. If it's yours, you should be able to tell me the brand(s),fly, and type of line on it. It's not a multiple choice game, however. Would like to return it to owner.

  2. Tom, this is indeed your rod - glad to find it's proper home. I left you a VM earlier today, please let me know how/when you'd like to retrieve it.
  3. It's amazing that a fly rod that got lost 5 months ago found it's home.

    You're a good man, Derek, for holding on to it for so long.

  4. Tom, if you're available on Friday, I'll head up to your neck of the woods and bring my 6wt and Miyawaki Popper's along with me. :)
  5. That's pretty awesome, Derek. Nice job. Good things will come your way in return.
  6. Tom, a real pleasure to meet you and your wife. Thank you very much for the lunch and conversation, I had a great drive over. Through the years, I've tried more and more to live the "Platinum Rule" - treat others in the way they like to be treated. I got stuck in traffic coming home along I-5, but that gave me an opportunity to pick up my wife from work and complete the journey home with her. So, all in all, a real blessing to find that rod and return it to you - I would hope someone does the same for me in the future. I will come back and take you up on the offer to fish your beach.

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  7. Good work Derek
  8. I love this!
  9. Makes me wanna cry...;)
  11. Pardon my French, sashjo, but you're full of shit. No self-respecting guide would fish another man's rod, and feel good about it. There are rules, implied or otherwise. Second, following your logic, your "perfect condition" rod fished by the guide for two years would hardly be in that condition. In fact, this found rod was safely stored awaiting the owner's reply - I would have waited much longer, regardless of the brand of rod.

    Accordingly, while returning from a multi-day hike down Paria Canyon to Lee's Ferry, as my wife and I came around a bend in road on the way back to the main highway, we found two very high-end rods and reels, still strung-up. Likely, on the roof of the car and forgotten. Turned it in at the small fly shop at the intersection, knowing for sure that the rod's owners would look there for them. I have no idea if they were ever reunited, but the moral of the story is the same.

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  13. Maybe he could not read the humor in your post, being only black and white.
  14. I've reread it many times, and still don't find your post humorous. You continue to be full of shit.

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