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  1. Had a fantastic day of the best SRC fishing I've had yet! Was going to a friend's beach house for the weekend out on the Kitsap. Figured I should bring a rod. Got some motivational advice from PMs to SF and DFL on here. Tides looked crappy at first, but actually worked out to be perfect for this beach.

    Alarm went off around 6am after a night of heavy eating and drinking. I contemplated sleeping in, but I had a glimmer of hope. Got my butt up, wadered up, and walked down the beach to a tiny creek inlet and a small pebbly point.

    Water looked good. Real good.

    As the tide came up, a nice little rip setup just off the point and it stayed there for quite some time. A few casts into the rip and it was that classic strip-strip-strip-BAM! A few hard tugs and rolls, and he came off. I was awake now. Rinse and repeat a couple times, and finally brought a very healthy cutt to hand. Beautiful fish! Forgot the camera, so just have a crappy cell phone pic I grabbed real quick.

    Hooked a few more, but they kept coming off. It would die down for a bit, then they would go on the attack again. Had four different waves of fish all within pretty much the same vicinity. You can just barely see the nice big rip just sitting there.

    Had one follow my fly right to my feet, literally, and bite at it. Had another fish bite just 10 feet in front of me and instantly go airborne and spit the hook. I caught a glimpse of him, and he was FAT. Oh well. Hooked a half dozen and had most of them come off at my feet, but still awesome to be on these fish and have them be so aggressive. Love it.

    The fly of choice was a variant of a marabou pattern I found posted on here last year and have come to love. Here it is wet. Lost it later during the high to a log or something on a backcast.

    Went back to the house to hang out and enjoy some Georgetown and Fremont brews. Then ran back out later to catch the falling tide. Didn't fish as well with the higher water, but still got several hits. I think these were smaller fish, and my fly was a bit big. Switched over to a bugger type fly and landed a little guy.

    Wind picked up, and it was time to go back and grill up some of my albacore to feed the hungry mass of friends waiting impatiently for fish tacos. Man, what a fantastic morning with some awesome fish. They are just so freakin' aggressive when they go on the chew. No subtle takes this day.
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  2. Is that mallard flank?

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  3. Great report. Thanks for sharing.
  4. That's so cool, I need to get out and try the salt.
  5. Sweet report
    Nice fly!
  6. Now if you would only shove a popper head on, it would be perfect! :)

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  7. Great job writing up that report. I like the fly you posted above. Great color combinations and mallard flank is always fishy.
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  8. See Arvin. I told you you should find fish there!! Good going man! I may have to wander down that way sometime. Been wanting to fish that stretch a long time. Nice! DFL
  9. I think it's technically barred wood duck feathers. I got a couple bags of duck feathers from a friend's dad that hunts, so I just rummage through those for whatever looks cool. I will tie up a few more and post a photo later.

    Leland, soon. I just got to get a few more fish and beaches under my belt. But the topwater action is definitely high on my list.

    DFL, yup, you sure did! Let me know if you want some details.
  10. Here's a better shot of the fly, along with a pink/blue one.



    There's a bit of wood duck tied in as a tail underneath all that 'bou.
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  11. Nice lookin' fly!

    I'm gonna hit the vise in order to make a facsimile!

    And if you can get on the water at 6 a.m. "after a night of heavy eating and drinking" you're a better man than I! :)

    Thanks for the report!
  12. Dipnet took the words out of my mouse. Great motivational report.

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