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    First off, picture. I should have.

    Anyway, I was fishing Billy Clapp yesterday, and nailed a nice, heavy smallmouth. I think.

    Looked just like any other smallmouth I've caught (lots of them), except its top jaw was malformed, like it had been punched out by Mike Tyson. Its lower jaw stuck out probably 1/2" farther than the top, and its nose/upper lip was actually kind of turned up. And its eyes kind of bulged a little bit. Very weird looking.

    Is there any other kind of fish in our central WA waters that looks like a bass, but isn't? I've caught just about every local species, but have never run across this.
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    Did it talk with a lisp?...sorry
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    Reminds me of a triploid I caught at rufus woods. Extra fins galore. It's tail had a 3rd fin, which was really weird. Then it had bone structures or tumors or who knows what. Probably 5+ fins popping out near others. Who knows how these deformities come about.
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    I'm guessing its just deformed