Free Black Lab @ G&L

Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by JesseC, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. There was a friendly black lab running around G&L for the two days we were there. He was a fat and happy stick fetching son of a gun. It was really hard not to take him with us - but I had to believe that he was from a house nearby or with someone camping in the woods.
  2. He swam across the river and followed us down the river just to play fetch. Had to escort him back to the g and l side after he helped us tail a fish!
  3. poor bastard.
  4. We thought about Rob adopting him too. Too friendly and well fed to be homeless. I think he just knows how to play our heart strings!
  5. He looked clean and well fed. Figured he was one of the gear boys banking it around that area. Hopefully his owner wasn't the guy we saw bonk a wild fish and scurry off into the woods.
  6. He lives in the houses by G&L
  7. Lucky bastard.
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  8. Only thing I saw at G&L the other day was a sick two piece drift boat trailer there for the taking.
  9. I believe that was a sled trailer.:D
  10. touche
  11. Jesse, I see you have a new avatar? Did that come with the sage switch rod?
  12. I think that's what happens when you use sleds over there....

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