Free Kindle Copy of Dynamic Nymphing Today

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by silvercreek, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Very nice. Thanks, Silver.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Perfect for my kindle! :)
  3. You have got to be kidding me!?!?! I just ordered this book 3 days ago.

    Thanks for posting, now I'll have a digital and a hard copy.
  4. I also have an autographed printed copy so don't feel bad.

    I now have one on my Ipad and my Imac. My wife has a Kindle and an Ipad so wherever we are, we can load and read any of the books we have bought.

    For those of you without and Amazon account, you will need ot register.

    Another benefit for family members is that if one has an Amazon Prime membership, it can be linked between family members. I learned about that and had my sone link his Amazon prime to me. So now shipping is free.
  5. I find it easier to just go out and do it, instead of reading a book on it.
  6. Living in Dillon, you are blessed. For those of us with this can only read about it.


    Wish I had Poindexter next door to me.
  7. Poindexter Slough doesn't really have that many fish in it. But they are a good size. I fished it three times and all three times I lost my two fly set up. I quit fishing it. Got tired of losing flies.

    It is nice that I can go fishing skinny water anytime I want to. I don't worry about what is open and what is closed. If it wasn't so damn cold out I would go again. But about Wednesday it's supposed to be back in the 50's. I'll be back out there drowning flies. In the Beaverhead at Pipe Organ access.
  8. Sweet! Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking about getting this book anyways.. will eventually pick up a hard copy!
  9. If you lost the flies on big fish, that's not all bad.

    I had a skunk chase me off Poindexter once. In running from that skunk, I fell and realized later that I had lost a box of flies! I'd gladly have lost a fly or 2 to avoid that again.

    Now I can smile about that as just another chapter in my fishing adventures.
  10. Hey thanks for this. I own the hard copy and its a good read. I wonder what other books on the whisper thingy you can get for free.
  11. Thanks so much!
  12. Downloading to my Kindle now. Thanks mang!
  13. Muchas gracias, mi amigo!!! :)

    DL'ing to the Kindle right now!
  14. Thanks for the tip!!
  15. link is still working... am downloading my copy right now!!
  16. Thanks man!
  17. Must have been a short term offer. Looks like it is now $21.97 unless I am missing something.

    But this did get me do download the Kindle app ...

  18. There are many free eKindle books that are classics such as The Compleat Angler by Walton, Fly Fishing in Wonderland by Klahowya, Red Palmer..., The Determined Angler. Also non piscatorial such as Treasure Island!

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