Front anchor roller on a Smokercraft Alaskan

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  1. Can anyone recommend a decent anchor roller that I can use on the front of my smokercraft alaskan?

    I would like to be able to use a 20 lb pyramid anchor without it swinging into the bow of the boat. For the stern anchor I am planning on mounting a scotty side mount on the outside of the transom and then using the scotty anchor lock in that. I can mount another scotty on the bow if need be (possibly with a flush mount through the bow cap plate), but I was hoping that there might be something out there that was a) a bit more skookum and b) capable of holding the anchor out a bit more.

    Anyone have any experience in doing something similar?​
  2. See what West Marine has to offer; they usually stock stuff that'd work.

  3. I have a 15 ft. Smokercraft boat and the photograph shows how I have mounted a pulley/cleat system off the bow of it. A 25 lb lead pyramid anchor is shown. The pulley/cleat is a Dierks anchor system used on drift boats. Any boat store that has drift boats should have this Dierks pulley/cleat system. A friend of mine made the wooden(mahogany) block used to raise setup over the bow running light. Underneath the wooden block is an aluminum plate to keep the anchor from banging the bottom of the wooden block when motoring to and from with the anchor off the bow. An aluminum block could be used unstead of a wooden one. If it is too windy/choppy I will pull the anchor inboard. The big advantages of using this setup are: (1) the front of the boat does not get banged up when motoring, (2) don't have to pull anchor inboard unless it is very windy(+ 8/10 mph.), and I can stand in the back of the boat and still raise/lower anchor.

    If you have any questions, send me a PM.


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  4. Roger, that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for - Thanks! Does anyone have any leads as to who sells the dierks mounts? I'll be doing the buying remotely (I now live in Kamloops, BC) so a shop name would be really helpful.

    -- James Bowie
  5. Check out Lee Lock anchors. They're in Frendale and make solid anchor systems. Here are thier power boat anchors

    I use the fairlead style (4th pic down on right) on my gregor with a 20 lb pyramid and it works great. Sticks out far enought that it doesn't hit the boat.
  6. The Dierks website is I used their sled bow roller system(product SR 42). Their site gives dealers where the roller can be purchased. The aluminum cleat wears out fairly quick and I have replaced it with a hard plastic cleat which has held up very good.

  7. I have the same one on my boat. I also have the scotty on my pram, I don't think it would hold up long term if you left 20lbs. hanging off the bow while running. The lee is pretty much bulletproof, but a little spendy

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