Fry everywhere, large schools...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alexander, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Alexander Fishon

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    No SRC in sight! Saw them near the beach, saw them from the pier, all about 1" in lenght...saw zero action as these little ones were just meandering around. when I say large don't think baitball status, but still plenty in size and various clusters spread out. I was really surprised at the lack of action. There's. creek nearby too.
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  2. Steve Knapp Beach Bum

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    Don't get discouraged, last year there were fry everywhere, and it was tough sometimes to find fish feeding on them. There are fry everywhere right now, so shift your mentality to finding feeding fish rather than the bait. If you don't see any surface action after a max of 30 minutes, think about heading to another beach, unless you plan on waiting out a specific tide. Brutal when the bait is there but the predators aren't!

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  3. Alexander Fishon

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    No doubt, going to hit up my regular spot in the AM tomorrow and see how that goes. The wind has been getting on my nerves. After posting earlier I broke out the old school glass spinning rod with a 1/4 football shaped swivel weight and a 1/8 Dick Nite and got a good hit, a wiggle and off it came. :).
  4. Jordan Simpson Active Member

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    I'm not sure if our systems are dictated by the same issues or not, or various issues in general but I have noticed that the out-migration of the SRC hasn't occurred yet or it is very slowly in a trickling sort of way. On one river in particular here where you essentially are fishing for them on a flat where they shore rush fry and blow up in inches of water like GT's, I have seen stupid amounts of fry just like in years past that had excellent fishing- except I've had only three fish in four outings.

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  5. Beach caster New Member

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    Same on the island. Lots fry, but I have yet to tangle with anything bigger than 13". I think the out migrations of SRC has not happend yet. My feeling is all the fish I have taken 10"to12" average are maidens that wintered in the salt? These little guys are eating fry though. "Any day now"
  6. Bagman Active Member

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    Fished in MA9 today. Like everyone else saw Chum Fry every were. I fish a top water, Shrimp, Polychaete worm, oh ya also a Chum Fry pattern. Not a single dug. Did see a nice cut (I believe) taken by an Osprey. That made my day. Love to see them successful.
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  7. Eyejuggler Beech Nut

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    Today, launching my Kayak on Colvos I looked into the water and it was fry soup. The water was so cloudy with fry I was amazed! Action was hard to find and I worked for the two decent Cutts I got on a squid/shrimp pattern...go figure :)
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  8. Bagman Active Member

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    Well at least you got some action.
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  9. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    I stopped by a local beach the other day to kill a few minutes. Wasnt able to investigate too closely but there were a ton of birds feeding like mad on the surface right in front of where I was parked. Saw several fish getting in on the action as well. I assumed it was a fry feast.