Fun wet day on the Puyallup

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Had fun day getting wet with the rain!

    Enjoyed meeting and speaking with formerguide! He was having fun fishing the tail out while I fished the head of next riffle below him. It is always good to meet people from the site and exchange a few good stories. Would have stayed longer but had to get home so the wife didn't know I went today! Thank god she doesn't read my posts!

    Hope to meet more throughout winter season!

  2. Nice meeting you too, your hat was definitely the giveaway! Glad we could catch a few fish in the rain.

  3. Next time: let me know!
    I'm almost always ready for a trip out of the house. Rods are rigged and answering machine is on. :)
  4. The pinks just thought I had a bright green corkie on my head!
  5. Sorry i missed you Saturday WW. We got there late (I was driving in from E. Wa.). Hit it just as the sun went away and the sky opened up and poured :)

    We lost a couple in the few minutes we stayed (neither my dad or I are all that hot in the failing light these days).

    Hope to catch up with more board folks this winter!

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