Fun with a Golden Stone pattern....

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  1. I didn't post this in the fly tying thread because I am not really much of a fly tier, but this is one I worked out a few years ago to fish the Cedar, the one I call the "Bow Candy Stone". I wanted to make a more realistic stone that wasn't too tedious to tie, since I lose so many of these on roots and rocks. This past year I figured out a way to turn out a fast supply of my wingcases, and that made it pretty slick. This one is a little thin in the abdomen and it is typically thicker at the end there....I'm too lazy to take a new picture of a better one.
    I pair this with Jim's CDC Cedar Stone and do great everywhere I have used them. I tie it weighted for use as the main nymph, and non weighted when I trail it behind Jim's heavy CDC. (this one is non-weighted and that is part of the reason the abdomen is not quite the correct shape here)
    Anyhow, I thought I would share it, as I gave a handful to a friend who fished all over Canada and the US this summer, and he just killed with this thing, so that was awesome to hear.
    Tied in #6-8
    Tail: Turkey Biot
    Abdomen: Yellow latex kitchen cleaning gloves cut into strips.
    Legs: Turkey biots
    Thorax/Gills: Dark gray ostrich herl
    Head and wing cases: Tyvek sheet from used postal envelopes colored with waterproof marker and glazed with Solarez.
    Antennae: Longer turkey biots, or synthetic paintbrush bristles
    Abdomen colored with waterproof markers and coated with Solarez flexi.
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  2. Wow. Looks good to me, and I would guess the fish also.
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  4. Nice! That thing just looks juicy!
  5. Ha,Ha,Ha. I could never tie up a fly that looks so nice. And these are some good looking flies.
  6. that thing looks real as all hell
  7. That is amazing...nice tie.
  8. I'd hit it.
  9. I'd be to afraid to loose it
    It looks to damn nice
  10. Thanks is a killer pattern to fish. That's one of the problems I have with some of the realistic ones that take hours to make and are pointless other than cool art. That was my goal with this one; to make one that is realistic enough, but I can tie fast and cheaply since I lose A ton of them on structure in the Cedar. I have gone through quite a few materials to this point, and really the only thing I still tweak much is the legs. Biot legs take time to knot. I will put a movie on and tie up 15 or 20 of these, and be good for a few trips out. I always end up giving them out to people I meet on the water too, so I always keep a handful in one of my boxes.
    I'd be happy to take some shots of how I make it if anyone was actually interested.
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  11. Damn, did the math on that. 3 hour movie, 5 to 7 an hour. I could spend a week trying to tie one that would end up looking
    like crap anyway.:eek:
    Obviously I could use the shots and a tutorial.
    Very impressive.
  12. Yours as well tinman! :p

    I'm with the Old Man... can't make my flies look like that. Nice!
  13. It definitely gots dat fishy look, for sure. I'd love to see how you build it.
  14. I'd kill myself on that if I was a fish! Very good looking pattern and I would say you are understating your tying skills a wee bit.
  15. I should post an array of my tying examples, then you could see why I am pretty critical of my tying. I tie a ton of these, and other nymphs, since that's what I mainly use, so my nymphs I consider pretty ok. I never had a proper tying education, I learned when I was about 12 from a guy I called grandpa but wasn't really blood related. He taught me to tie soft hackles and muddlers, and after that it was just up to trial and error. I look through the fly tying thread and just drool over the quality of some of that work. Anyhow, I didn't mean for it to sound like I was trying to "humble brag".
    I'm glad people dig it.
    I will find a tripod for the camera and tie one up step-by-step tomorrow. It is actually pretty easy.
  16. wow! and you say you aren't much of a fly tier??? I'm assuming you just mean you don't tie much, not a lack of ability. Those flies look amazing!

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