Fundraiser for Neilan, TrevorH's 4 year old son

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  1. Fundraiser for Neilan, TrevorH's son

    As you saw in Josh’s previous post, one of our best friends received some beyond, beyond awful news.

    Trevor’s son (known here as TrevorH), Neilan, was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. Neilan is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Seattle Children’s Hospital. With the challenges their family faces, we are attempting to help a little. We’ve amassed a pretty amazing variety of donated items for silent auction and raffle.

    Drawing will be held at The Confluence Fly Shop in Bellingham, WA at 5pm on September 26, 2013. First draw, first choice on raffle items. Soft beverages and snacks provided. Swing in, meet some super cool people, cast a rod or two…and, donate to a great cause!

    Raffle tickets available at The Confluence Fly Shop, 2620 North Harbor Loop, #9, Bellingham, WA 98225. We'll be adding options to buy raffle tickets in other ways and at other locations.

    Bids for silent auction items should be sent to

    We’ll post new high bids at daily; so, check back often.

    If you would just like to donate to the cause, you can do that at

    Silent Auction items include:
    Scenic Skagit Float Trip with Bill McMillan / Ed Megill. We can accommodate four people and we’ll float about 8 miles over the course of about 4 hours. Not only is Bill an icon in Pacific Northwest flyfishing and fisheries science; but, he’s also an awesome person to hang out with. Bring your copies of Dry Line Steelhead and Other Topics and May the Rivers Never Sleep and he’ll sign ‘em. The date of the float is October 19, 2013. Four slots, four highest bidders go.

    Overnight Guided Flyfishing Outing for two or Family Float and Camp for up to four on the Skagit/Sauk with Ed and Audrey Megill of Cascades Flyfishing & The Confluence Fly Shop. We have all the gear including boats, rods, reels, waders, boots, tents, cots, Paco pads (air mattresses), tables, chairs, fire pan, dutch oven, etc. There is a wall tent with wood burning stove, if needed. Expect a fine culinary experience as well.

    BBQ for 20 people with Frank Koterba (Whatcom and Skagit County only please). There’s no other way to say it but Frank CAN cook. Frank has generously donated a BBQ on location for up to 20 people. Grab a few friends and bid well on this one!

    Nate Koenigsknecht of Adipose Anglers and C.F. Burkheimer Rod Company has generously donated an Oregon Coast guided steelhead trip for one or two anglers. Go flyfishing with one of the best guides around. You might even get to fish one of the best rods around. Portland and/or Tillamook area between December 1st, 2013 to January 31st, 2014.

    Bob Triggs, Little Stone Flyfisher, has generously donated a walk and wade day trip for one or two anglers on the Olympic Peninsula! Bob is a legend on the Peninsula. Heck, he may have even been hatched from the gravel of one of the numerous small streams there.

    Raffle Items:
    Derek Young of Emerging Rivers is a pretty amazing person. Derek has generously donated a day of guided flyfishing on the Yakima river for one or two anglers. Derek is a super good guy and knows the Yakima river extremely well. He was named 2011 Orvis Endorsed Flyfishing Guide of the Year. Rest assured you’ll learn a ton and very likely see some pretty darn nice fish.

    Ryan Smith of The Avid Angler and Arch Anglers is a great friend and super good dude. Ryan has donated a full day flyfishing the beaches of the Puget Sound. Ryan and the guides he works with know these beaches well. Heck, I'd be willing to bet they're on a first name basis with more than a few of the inhabitants of this dynamic ecosystem.

    Scenic Eagle Float Trip – We’ll put the rafts on the Nooksack or Skagit river during the later part of November through January during peak eagle migration. It is an absolutely stunning perspective to see the eagles as you float the river. We can accommodate up to 8 passengers on two rafts. Donated by Ed and Audrey Megill, Cascades Flyfishing.

    Solitude Reel of your choice. These are awesome reels and we’re proud to have them in the shop. These are tried and true reels which are incredible durable. Black is type III and Pewter and Gold are Type II; but, the drag system in all is Type III anodize. The tolerances are incredible tight at .0002 and there’s 17 pounds of composite cork drag. Bulletproof comes to mind. Jonathan at Solitude has also generously included a solid dose of good fish karma. Machined/manufactured locally in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

    Scott Willison Flies with box. There’s a reason we have the materials selection we have in the shop; and, it ain’t me. Scott’s a phenomenal tier with a great understanding of materials. He’s generously donated 24 of his best flies. I can attest to the fact that there will definitely be some bugs in this box that catch fish.

    Any Echo single hand, SR switch, TR or DH spey and an Airflo Line. The folks at Rajeff Sports are some of the best people around. Eric Neufeld is absolutely awesome. All of these rods cast extremely well. I would put the Echo 3 single hander up against any rod out there. The SR switch is a super versatile rod to have in the quiver. The TR and DH spey are a blast to cast.

    Islander Reel, No. 6. Paul Dudley is one of the most generous and sincere people we’ve ever met. When Paul found out about what was going on, he dropped off a brand new Islander reel for raffle. This would look super cool on a 6 or 7 wt. two-hander.

    The Confluence Fly Shop Gift Certificate for $100. Enjoy $100 gift certificate on us. You’ll find no Troutsman Enterprises stuff here. The Confluence Fly Shop, 2620 North Harbor Loop, #9, Bellingham, WA 98225. 360-312-7978

    Hardy Reel, The "St. George", 3 3/4, Mk 2, with spare spool. Jeff is an awesome friend who rolled in this morning and said here. Own one of the loudest, coolest reels out there. If you like Hardy, you love this ADDITION...a Shakespeare OK automatic, No. 1822, Model EG. Jeff says, "Drive it like you rented it!"

    Orvis Medium Saltwater, Gold with spare spool. Jeff comes through again with this great reel in very good condition.

    Hand-turned Wood Bowl. A good friend of mine, Wayne, has donated a wood bowl he turned. If you’re in the dog house with the bride, show up with this stunning bowl and you’ll be the boss.

    Jack Salstrom’s Bugs with box. Jack has generously donated 53 of his best bugs. He’s an innovative tier with a heart of gold. Nobody really knows how old Jack is; but, he’s been tying flies at least 100 years. Some of these bugs look like they’ll crawl out of the box…you’ll be smiling like Howdy Doody.

    Errol McWhirk Bugs with box. Errol ties a lot of flies for the shop. He’s one of the best people we’ve ever met. Errol has generously donated 30 absolutely beautiful spey flies. Errol’s a fishy dude and he’s also included a bunch of good fish karma. We did ask him to leave his landing ratio karma off.

    A great assortment of flies from Dennis Elwell with box. Dennis has generously amassed and donated a collection of 60 wet and dry flies that cover fishing a great variety of waters.

    Case of Wine. Jason Cross, a super good friend of ours, has generously donated a case of wine. Good day on the river…celebrate! Bad day on the river…drink it away.

    Joe’s Garden Gift Certificate for $50. Nathan Weston of Joe’s Garden has generously donated a $50 gift certificate for some of the best produce and vegetables in the world. If I win, I want $50 worth of tomatoes.

    Mike Kinney Print, Signed. As many of you know, Mike Kinney is a legend in the world of flyfishing and Spey casting. He was a pioneer in designing and developing what we know today as the “Skagit” Spey line. Mike retired as a fishing guide and started taking pictures. He’s become an amazing photographer with a keen eye for capturing interesting perspectives and the beauty of the natural resource.

    North Fork Nooksack Whitewater Rafting for four people with lunch. Paul Engel at Wild and Scenic Rafting Tours has generously donated a great Class III whitewater run through the absolutely stunning North Fork Nooksack canyon. Launch at Douglas Fir Campground and float to the green truss bridge above Maple Falls.

    Case of Beer. Jason Cross, a super good friend of ours, has also generously donated a case of super good beer, i.e. - IPA, etc. Good day on the river…celebrate! Bad day on the river…drink it away twice.

    North Fork Nooksack Whitewater Rafting for six people…the afternoon run. Paul Engel at Wild and Scenic Rafting Tours has generously donated a great Class III whitewater run for six people through the absolutely stunning North Fork Nooksack canyon. Launch at Douglas Fir Campground and float to the green truss bridge above Maple Falls.

    “May the Rivers Never Sleep” by Bill McMillan…Signed. Don’t really need to say any more than that.

    Thanks you all so very much for your support!

    Neilan, kick the crap out of that 800 pound gorilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That's an incredible list of donations. It's times like these than make me so glad to be part of such a caring community.
  3. Just chatted with Anil at Puget Sound Fly Company...what an incredibly good dude. Raffle tickets will be available there middle of next week.

    Also, Jeff and Jesse with the Fly Fish Journal just donated a one year subscription to add to the raffle.

    Safe Travels,
    Ed, Audrey, Scott and Erin
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  4. Prayers go out for Neilan and all the family!
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  5. Sorry I can't be there on the 26th. Will RSVP some whopper bids! I'm a fellow cancer patient and can relate to 'some' of what ya'll are going through.
  6. Both sad and heartwarming at the same time. Great thing you are doing...will help through the raffle options.
  7. Ed,

    This is a great fundraiser that you guys are putting together... I'll certainly pick up some raffle tickets (I should be swinging by PSFC on Wednesday for some patterns and I'll grab them there). What a great community of folks that truly care. Kudos to everyone involved and to Neilan... we're all pulling for you. Prayers from our household.

  8. Stoked to see this posted up.

    Come payday, I'll be picking up my tickets.
  9. Ed,
    Go ahead up the Joe's Gardens gift card up to 100.00.

    Nathan Weston
  10. Thank you all very much!

    We'll have ticket's at Anil's Puget Sound Fly Company tomorrow around noon. They were sent priority today.

    I also spoke to Ryan Smith at The Avid Angler/Arch Anglers. Raffle tickets will go out to them tomorrow for Thursday delivery.

    Additionally, we now have included in the raffle a full day flyfishing the Puget Sound beaches from Ryan Smith at The Avid Angler...what a super good dude!

    A couple of additional items for the raffle...a Hardy The "St. George", 3 3/4, Mk 2 with spare spool and a Orvis Saltwater Medium, Gold in very good condition...both from our good friend Jeff!

    Thanks Nathan!!! Joe's Garden gift certificate's at $100

    Silent auction high bids have now been posted.
    Safe Travels,
  11. Can this be stickied to the top so it can stay up there???
  12. Definitely need this bumped up!
  13. Definitely need this bumped up!
  14. I hope this note finds you all very well...and, out enjoying the great resource we love.

    We have several new donated items that will go into the raffle! It's pretty amazing how generous folks have been.

    Our good friend, Gary, donated a three-some (does that sound inappropriate on a flyfishing forum?) for 18 holes of golf at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club. I suck at golf but I've played this course and it's a pretty darn cool place to golf...if you have to.

    Scott Christensen has donated a one hour single hand casting lesson for one or two casters on a Bellingham area beach. He's a certified FFF casting instructor and knows the ropes...extremely well. I've enjoyed casting in a field with Scott and this is a really great opportunity to tune up the ol' casting skills.

    Kirk Werner, author and generally super cool dude, has very kindly donated a set of his books...signed! You'll get a copy of Olive The Little Woolly Bugger, Olive and The Big Stream as well as Olive Goes For A Wild Ride. RAD! It should be known also that he sent copies to Neilan as well during this very rough time...I have no words. Thanks again Kirk!

    Best Wishes,
    Ed and Scott
  15. Greetings,
    I hope this note finds everyone well! I apologize for not getting this posted here sooner.

    For those of you who have not heard, we have postponed the raffle drawing and end of silent auction until October 17th...same place and same time.

    Updates will be posted in the next day or so.

    Thank you all very much for your kind support! It has truly made a difference!
    Safe Travels,
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  16. Ed, so great to meet you and your wife at the PHW event. I may have put an "use by" date on that certificate, thinking the raffle/auction would be much earlier. So, have the eventual winner contact me as I close down my guide calendar on Oct 31st, and I'm 100% full until then. So, they can redeem next year. Ok?

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  17. Derek, it was great to meet you too. I had a fantastic time and look forward to getting out on the water with you. Audrey had a banner time. Thank you!

    Next season works great for your donated trip. I hope Audrey and I win...I'm thinking Skwala.

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