Fundraiser for Neilan, TrevorH's 4 year old son

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    Neilan Hart --- Fundraiser

    This is a completely updated list of raffle items donated to date. Some extremely impressive raffle additions and an online means of purchasing raffle tickets as well as the ability to pick raffle item selections prior to the drawing if you can't attend.

    Complete descriptions of Raffle items and Silent Auction items along with current high bid can be found at:

    Raffle Tickets: $20.00

    Drawing – October 17th, The Confluence Fly Shop, 5 pm

    Raffle Tickets available at:
    The Confluence Fly Shop, Bellingham, WA 98225
    The Avid Angler, Lake Forest Park, WA
    Online at:

    If raffle tickets are purchased online, please email me at so we can set tickets aside for you. If you will not be able to attend the drawing, an email spreadsheet list of donated items will be sent to you. Please choose the order of choice for the raffle items you would like and return as soon as possible.

    Silent Auction Items

    Scenic Skagit Float Trip and Lunch (4 slots) with Bill McMillan – October 19th Float
    Overnight Guided Flyfishing Outing on the Skagit for two with Ed and Audrey Megill
    BBQ for 20 people with Frank Koterba
    Nate Koenigsknecht with C. F. Burkheimer - Oregon Coast Guided Steelhead Trip
    Bob Triggs Walk and Wade Beach Outing, Sea Run Cutthroat, Olympic Peninsula

    Bids on these Silent Auction items should be sent to

    Raffle Items
    Derek Young of Emerging Rivers with a guided flyfishing trip on the Yakima River
    Guided Flyfishing, Full Day, Puget Sound beaches, Ryan Smith of The Avid Angler
    Sage One, 12’6” Spey, #6126, Poppy at The Red Shed Fly Shop…Wow!
    Scenic Skagit Eagle Float Trip, Ed and Audrey Megill
    Solitude Reel of your choice, Jonathan Knapp, Solitude Reels
    Scott Willison Flies with Box
    Any Echo single hand, SR switch, TR or DH spey rod and Airflo line from Rajeff Sports
    Islander Reel, No. 6
    Spey Casting Lesson, Ben Waldschmidt at the Avid Angler, 1-3 people, 2-3 hours, Seattle area
    The Confluence Fly Shop $100 Gift Certificate
    Hardy Reel, The “St. George”, 3 ¾, Mk2, with spare spool
    Orvis Saltwater Reel, medium, gold with spare spool
    Hand-turned Wood Bowl
    Jack Salstrom’s Bugs with Box
    Spey Casting Lesson, 1 to 3 people, 3 hours, Bellingham/Skagit area, Ed Megill, The Confluence
    Errol McWhirk Bugs with Box
    Dennis Elwell assorted flies with box
    Fly on the Wheel Display, Tyler and Patty
    One Dozen Saltwater Flies, Ben Waldschmidt at The Avid Angler
    Case of Wine
    Joe’s Garden $100 Gift Certificate
    Mike Kinney Print, Signed, Your Choice
    North Fork Nooksack Whitewater Rafting Trip for Four, Morning or Afternoon Run
    A Case of Pacific Northwest Beers
    North Fork Nooksack Whitewater Rafting Trip for Six … Afternoon Run
    One Dozen Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies courtesy of Ben Waldschmidt at The Avid Angler
    “May the Rivers Never Sleep” by Bill McMillan … Signed
    Scott Christensen, FFF Casting Instructor, Single Hand, One Hour Lesson
    St Croix Imperial 9/10 Spey Rod, Reel and Line
    7 Classic Atlantic Salmon flies, tied and donated by “Big Will” up in Smithers

    Thank you all very much for your amazing generosity. It has truly made a huge difference!
    Safe Travels,
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    Got my tickets. Woot!

    Great prizes, great cause. Go Neilan!
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    I've probably written a reply to this thread close to 50 times in my head, never quite knowing how to convey my appreciation. When I talk to people about Neilan, I frequently hear that they can't imagine what it would be like. Trying to keep things light, and joke a bit, I often immediately ask them for their own sake not to imagine, because it's basically terrifying, heart breaking, gut wrenching, and otherwise best not experienced, even from afar.

    What I have found, though, is that nobody is interested in that advice. I've come to see that everyone feels this. Everyone hurts when a kid has cancer. When I visit these threads, which I do frequently, I see a growing list of people, many of whom I've never met, making an effort on our behalf. I know that Neilan is in the thoughts and prayers of more people and more families than I could possibly count at this point, and Neilan knows it as well.

    It's been my intention to speak to every person involved in putting this fundraiser together and thank them personally. There are a few of you that have done things recently that I have not spoken with yet. You can expect to hear from me soon. I don't really understand this, but when I talk to someone about Neilan for the first time, the really raw heartache sometimes comes rushing back. I will try to hold it together when I call!

    There are also a number of you in the angling community that utilized the donation page set up by our friend Sarah Manning, or otherwise sent something our way. Jesse Fowl, Kerry Stratton, Nick Clayton, Rick Lewis, Mike Doherty, Rolf Evenson, SteelyDan, I want you to know that I saw what you did for us, and I appreciate it. There are other names I didn't immediately recognize from the boards, that I believe are Bellingham locals, possibly anglers: Lain Christenson, Ed Deboo, Norman Vigre, Tom Mereckis. There are those of you that posted anonymously, and those of you I've simply missed. There are the admins of Speypages and Washingtonflyfishing. Thank you.

    To everyone buying raffle tickets: I know that you are buying them to help, but I also hope you end up with something you really enjoy. Thank you.

    This experience has brought so many unwelcome and awful changes to Neilan and to our lives. The connection our family, friends and community have maintained with us is one of the few bright spots. I wouldn't say I was proud to a fault before this, but like most, it's important for me to stand on my own two feet. I wasn't braced for this, though. It's been humbling, but we are getting back on our feet, so far without a complete financial train wreck, and with an appreciation for what really matters.

    There's more I'd like to say... about how Neilan is doing, how we are doing, etc..., but for now I simply want to say thanks.
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